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How The Witcher: Blood Origin's Michelle Yeoh Decided On Her Character's Striking Eye Color

After Netflix's success in the supernatural fantasy genre with "The Witcher," the streamer is expanding that universe with the new mini-series "The Witcher: Blood Origin." The newest addition to "The Witcher" universe will take place 1,200 years before the main series and will tell the story of the very first Witcher. Based on a series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, "The Witcher" has grown into a powerhouse, with video games, merchandise, and now, two Netflix original series.

A Witcher is a hunter of the supernatural who gained special abilities at a young age that will aid them in their hunt for these beasts. "The Witcher" follows Geralt of Rivia, one of the world's many Witchers. "The Witcher: Blood Origin" will show the origins of these hunters of the supernatural.

Michelle Yeoh will play Scian, an Elf who will be part of the origin story of the Witchers. After being cast for the part, Yeoh learned that she would be making a very interesting production choice about the character. "I was able to choose the eye color for Scian," Yeoh said during Netflix TUDUM 2022.

Michelle Yeoh wanted Scian's eyes to be unique

Scian is a new character in the world and lore of "The Witcher," and with her addition to the universe came a design choice that was left up to the actress that plays her. Scian's eye color would be the decision of Michelle Yeoh, and her first inclination was to go for something unique. "I went for an aquamarine, a pale green because I thought it would be unique and ethereal, so otherworldly," Yeoh said of her decision.

Yeoh would go on to say that "The Witcher: Blood Origin" will take the viewers back to "the golden age of Elven history before humans and monsters overran the continent." The new mini-series is set to premiere in its entirety on Netflix on Christmas Day, December 25, 2022.