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The Hilarious Price Is Right Bid That Had Bob Barker Pausing To Laugh

Over the years, contestants on the "The Price Is Right" have done some pretty hilarious things to get the show's two most famous hosts — Bob Barker and current frontman Drew Carey — to break character and burst out laughing. But what's even more amusing sometimes are the moments where the TV legends have no idea what's going on at first.

"My tooth came out!" said one 85-year-old contestant during a 2012 taping, which saw him accidentally fall down on stage in front of Carey. "Did it?!" Carey asked, laughing. A similar slip-up from an unaired "Price Is Right" clip shows the former "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" host cracking up at a woman who lost her false tooth after winning The Showcase round. "This also happened in a Barker episode," commented one person on YouTube. Then, in February 2022, there was an embarrassing but hilarious — and totally-relatable — moment that saw a woman unable to find the exit off-camera after losing. "Getting lost on the 'Price Is Right,' now that's priceless," Kari Kinder told Inside Edition after the on-air incident went viral. 

Years back during Barker's run on the classic game show, one man managed to get people cracking up over a bid he continued to do over and over during the "One Bid" segment, which included a secret counterculture Easter egg.

'I bid $420, Bob'

The man's name is Evan Goding, per Slate, and his goal was simple: Make as many $420 bids as possible in epic stoner fashion. For those who don't know, 420 is basically slang for marijuana use and smoking pot. The term supposedly originated in California as a result of high school kids meeting up after their classes to smoke at 4:20 p.m., per High Times. Other theories about where the term came from include the belief that 420 was used as a police code in San Rafael, CA, for "marijuana smoking in progress." 

When it came time to "come on down" and compete in the "One Bid" segment, Goding bid $420 on one item, $1,420 on another, and then $420 again on a third item. "I've been waiting my whole life to say this," he tells Bob Barker before delivering his first $420 bid. What's even funnier is just how close Goding actually got to winning, which ultimately had Barker pausing to laugh. 

The moment came after Goding gave out his final $420 bid, which was the highest of the group. The contestant directly after him, though, appears to have caught on and offers up a bid of $421. Cracking up, Barker says: "That was a wonderful reaction ... He looked as if he'd been stabbed." A clip of Goding's appearance has since gone viral online, with Internet users praising him as a "Price Is Right" hero. 

"The best part is if he had said $420 and not $1,420 on the guitar he woulda won it," one person commented.