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The Real Reason Rick Yemm Didn't Get Along With Lisa Kelly On Ice Road Truckers

"Ice Road Truckers," like "Deadliest Catch," reeled in viewers because of how dangerous the work was that they were doing. Dealing with blizzards and white-out conditions, the sound of breaking ice while driving, and the possibility of catastrophic and deadly accidents are all elements of entertainment to viewers who can't comprehend choosing such a dangerous line of work. But then — like crab fishing — they realize how much money can be made, and it all makes sense.

Rick Yemm joined the show for Season 2, disappeared for a couple of years, and then showed up again for Seasons 4 through 6. Known for always speaking his mind, even if he came across as combative, he quickly became known as the "troublemaker" and someone who would fight with anyone. In an interview with Huliq.com, Yemm claims that the producers instigated the fighting. "They tried getting a fight going with me and Dave [Redmon] right off the start. I'm a scrapper, he's a scrapper, we both have the exact same personality, so that's a perfect thing to get a fight going. Fortunately, Dave's smarter than the average bear, and so am I. So, when they put us together, we didn't do anything."

But his relationship with fellow driver Lisa Kelly was a different story, and he has a pretty good reason for not getting along with her.

Rick Yemm felt Lisa Kelly was more interested in show business than driving

While Lisa Kelly is still in touch with several of her "Ice Road Truckers" cast mates today, it's safe to say that Rick Yemm is not on that list. The drivers, who were both also featured on "IRT: Deadliest Roads," were not buddies, and Yemm considered himself to be a superior driver. "Without production manipulation, who are the better drivers: Seasoned drivers, like myself and Dave, or show-made drivers, like Lisa and G.W. They are show-made people," he said about Kelly and Boles.

According to Yemm, Lisa Kelly brought a manager to fight for her, and she was doing a lot less driving than most people realized. "When we were in Bolivia, I left because she refused to drive," he told Huliq.com. "We're going down a road called the Death Road. There was no misconception of what you signed up to do, but when she gets there, she doesn't have to drive, and I'm told I have to. We found out that she wasn't driving 90% of the time. Every time it got dangerous, she wouldn't drive."

There's been talk about the series' possible return, and Kelly has been forthright about her hope that it does, as she was a star of the show until its last days. It's unknown if Rick, who left the show for good in Season 6 and also runs a carpet cleaning business, would even be interested in coming back to the show.