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Doctor Who's The Power Of The Doctor Teases The Return Of Classic Companions

Information about the "Doctor Who" Centenary Special, which is set to be Jodie Whittaker's final episode, is leaking out very slowly. Russel T. Davies revealed on BBC's "The One Show" that the special would be in October, telling the hosts interviewing him more about the Centenary Special than his own upcoming 60th Anniversary Special. "What is coming up, in October this year, is Jodie Whittaker's farewell," Davies told "The One Show." "So I feel like I'm upstaging it slightly. Lovely Jodie! And I just saw the finished version of that two days ago. It's a 90-minute epic. It's fantastic! So that is gorgeous with lots of surprises."

The surprise just might be the actual date, as that still hasn't been announced, although it's notable that, according to the BBC website, their exact Centenary date is October 18th, 2022, a Sunday, and "Doctor Who" has traditionally aired on Sundays since the Jodie Whittaker era started. The name of the special was revealed to be "The Power of the Doctor" to subscribers of Doctor Who Magazine in issue #581, as reported by Doctor Who TV. If that title sounds familiar, it's perhaps because Matt Smith's final episode was the similarly titled Christmas special "The Time of the Doctor," and the 50th Anniversary special was "The Day of the Doctor." Additionally, the trailer at the end of "Legend of the Sea Devils," which aired in April, confirmed the appearance of Seventh Doctor companion Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Fifth Doctor companion Tegan (Janet Fielding).

Now, we have an official confirmation of the episode's title, along with some exciting new images.

Blasts from different pasts

In the new images posted on the official "Doctor Who" Twitter account, the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) is seen standing alongside Ace and Tegan, the three women looking poised and confident. Additional pictures include new images of the Master (Sacha Dhawan), both alone and with Yaz (Mandip Gill), and one image of the Cybermen. This came immediately after the same account tweeted out the new poster of the upcoming special, featuring the Thirteenth Doctor surrounded by regeneration energy.

Fans in the comment section were chomping at the bit for more information, such as @sh_cada, who tweeted: "Why is Yaz talking with the Master? ? I have so many questions that needed answers 5 minutes ago. Can't wait for this!" Others largely ignored the images, with many people complaining about the lack of a release date. "Yeah we've seen all this what day does it come out," wrote @capalditimelord. If the special is in October, the release date will have to come sometime soon, unless the BBC decides to release it as a surprise like a Beyoncé album, which remains unlikely.