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What Only Hardcore Star Wars Fans Know About The Glowblue Noodles In Andor Episode 1

"Andor" came swinging from the get-go, with Disney+ releasing a generous three-episode premiere of its latest "Star Wars" TV show. Set five years before the events of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," the series follows Diego Luna, reprising his role from that film, as Cassian Andor, a Rebel hero in the making. Set during the darkest period of the "Star Wars" timeline, at the height of Imperial control, "Andor" bills itself as an exploration of what might drive someone to risk everything for a righteous cause.

As every "Star Wars" fan knows, part of what makes the universe feel so expansive is the details. A few blaster marks on a wall can tell the story of a particular building, while the design of a spaceship can inform viewers which planet it came from, all without speaking a single word. "Andor" is no different, and each setting has undergone painstaking care to make itself seem lived in. For instance, when we get a good look at the Morlana One corporate police force headquarters in Episode 1, it feels less like a sleek, polished Imperial base and more like the dingy outpost it really is. The officers inside are slumped over their workstations, distracted by other devices, or chugging a quick coffee to keep the workday going.

One of the officers is even slurping down a quick lunch out of a takeout box (do they have DoorDash out there, or did he pop down into town to pick up his order?), and his cuisine of choice is a noodle dish. But not regular Earth noodles. No, these noodles are blue. In fact, hardcore "Star Wars" fans know that these are called Glowblue noodles, and they also know that you don't have to travel to Morlana One to get a bite of them.

You can make Glowblue noodles at home!

If you found your stomach rumbling at the sight of that blue pasta-like dish being chowed down upon by the Morlana One security officer in "Andor" Episode 1, you're in luck! As it turns out, you can make a quick trip to the supermarket and recreate them at home. That's because the recipe appears in "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook." The meal pictured is called "Gormaanda's Glowblue Noodles," and the recipe only takes about 20 minutes to prepare.

Examining the recipe, we can see that the dish's distinctive blue color results from one unusual ingredient: blue butterfly pea tea, a caffeine-free herbal tea often drank by itself or used as a coloring agent, most commonly for cocktails and other beverages. The tea is boiled in the same pot as the rice noodles, imbuing them with a light flavor and, most importantly, that space blue color. Interestingly, when exposed to acid, butterfly pea tea turns purple, meaning the finished dish's light cerulean color implies that Glowblue noodles are nonacidic.

Other than that, it's a mostly standard noodle recipe, calling for things such as garlic, butter, heavy cream, and cherry tomatoes. For those who are tired of Earth-bound pasta dishes, it's a simple way to feel like you're eating in a galaxy far, far away without leaving your house. It might also be a great option for picky kids; what child doesn't like brightly colored food?

If you fancy some Glowblue noodles but don't want to do dishes, you'll be out of luck. While the actual restaurants at Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland do feature some tasty-looking menu items, that particular dish is not among them as of this writing. But if you're looking for the culinary accompaniment for "Andor," look no further.