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A Frequent Greta Gerwig Collaborator Almost Had A Barbie Cameo

Greta Gerwig has taken part in some pretty impressive productions over the course of her Hollywood career, acting in such films as "Mistress America" and "Isle of Dogs" and contributing as a writer on the likes of "Hannah Takes the Stairs" and "Northern Comfort." However, some of her most recognizable endeavors are those she has directed. Following 2008's "Nights and Weekends," which she co-directed with Joe Swanberg, Gerwig directed "Ladybird" in 2017 and later "Little Women" in 2019 solo. Given both films' monumental critical success, it should come as no surprise that she has more directorial efforts on the way.

Next on the docket for Greta Gerwig is a film about one of the most famous toys in the world: Barbie. Starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, "Barbie" scored Gerwig as its director back in July of 2021. It's unknown what exactly the story will entail, and as of this writing, we don't even have a trailer to speculate on, but considering the wealth of talent involved on both sides of the camera, surely it'll be nothing short of a hit when it premieres on July 21, 2023. It's just too bad that one notable name intended to appear somewhere in the movie won't make it into the final product.

Yes, as it turns out, one of Greta Gerwig's frequent collaborators was supposed to appear in "Barbie" but had to ultimately pass. Here's who and why they won't take part.

Saoirse Ronan had to give up her Barbie cameo

Chances are, if you've heard of Greta Gerwig, you have some amount of familiarity with Saoirse Ronan. The two first collaborated on "Ladybird," where Ronan took on the lead role of Christine "Lady Bird" MacPherson. They reunited for "Little Women," this time with Ronan portraying the eldest of the March sisters, Jo March. Given the magic they've created together at the cinema, it stands to reason that Ronan and Gerwig will work together again at the movies in the future. Sadly, for those hoping "Barbie" could be the platform for such an event, the film will offer no such satisfaction.

During an interview with People to promote "See How They Run," Ronan revealed that she could've appeared in "Barbie." "I was supposed to do a cameo because I live in London, and they were [filming] there," she explained, continuing, "There was a whole character I was going to play — another Barbie — I was gutted I couldn't do it." Scheduling conflicts are the culprit for her missing out on the cameo, though she's tried to find a way into the film otherwise. "I have texted Margot and Greta, and I'm like, 'If you're doing any pick-up [shots], maybe I can just walk through the background?'" Ronan adds.

With that, it appears that Saoirse Ronan will not get to work with Greta Gerwig on "Barbie." At least no one can say that she didn't try.