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The Rings Of Power's Markella Kavenagh Relates To Her Character In One Important Way

Amazon's "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" has given diehard Tolkien fans the very first on-screen portrayal of the author's Harfoot hobbits, which are said to be quite different from their hairy-footed cousins from Tolkien's Third Age — famously played by Elijah Wood and Sean Astin in the "LOTR" film trilogy. Wood has previously described how he devoted himself to the role of Frodo Baggins and searched for ways to relate to the hobbit's journey during his development. And apparently, the same can be said for Markella Kavenagh's "Rings of Power" character Elanor "Nori" Brandyfoot, who is a Harfoot Halfling. 

"I haven't really thought of it in terms of what could I do that would be hobbit-like," Wood explained to E! Online in a 2000 interview (via The One Ring). "I've more approached it like, what are the elements of my character? How am I going to portray them." Asked about some of the things he admires about Frodo and can relate to, Wood said: "I admire the fact he's inquisitive and curious and wants to experience the outside world ... He's just got a spirit, you know? That's what I love about him ... he's very alive and very lively." 

For Kavenagh, there are also a number of things she loves about Nori and can relate to as a person, not just an actor. And that's part of what makes the role so fulfilling for her, says the Australian TV and movie star.

Markella Kavenagh relates to Nori's protectiveness

When it comes to playing Nori, Markella Kavenagh says there's a lot that she admires and has in common with the Harfoot hobbit — especially in terms of family protectiveness and stepping outside their comfort zones. 

"I think my favorite thing about her is how resolute she is, and how much she cares for her loved ones, and how protective she is," Kavenagh told Teen Vogue in a September 2022 interview. "It's not out of just her being naive, but she would go to the ends of Middle Earth for her loved ones and her family and the community, so I kinda think that's my favorite thing about her." Describing what they have most in common, Kavenagh said, "I relate to the protectiveness and care for loved ones. I also love stepping outside of my comfort zone and I think she does that quite a lot." The rising actor added that Nori's affinity for defending people was another thing that's very relatable for her. 

"That's something also I connected to," Kavenagh said. 

When it comes to immersing herself in the role of Nori, Kavenagh has previously explained that getting into costume and makeup is what ultimately helps bring everything together. "I think that's when I fully feel like I am the character because beforehand, the preparation that you do or the research that you do or the backstory that you do, that's all well and good, but then to actually have the other layers come together," she told Collider.

Amazon's "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" has been largely hailed by critics, and there's certain to be more of Nori forthcoming in the series.