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The 2022 Emmys Just Gave Us The All That Reunion We Didn't Know We Needed

The 2022 Emmys were stacked full of incredible moments, led by "Saturday Night Live" legend Kenan Thompson. The six-time nominee hosted the shindig, which featured a great opening set where he poked fun at Netflix and Showtime — several times. Other note-worthy moments of the evening included Lizzo winning the Emmy for best competition series for "Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls" and Sheryl Lee Ralph making history at the ceremony by becoming the second Black woman to win the award for best supporting actress in a comedy series.

Outside of the awards, several moments had people buzzing. Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni were inches away from kissing; Jennifer Coolidge danced the music playing her off the stage, and there was a tremendous back and forth between Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. But there was a 90s reunion no one was anticipating that stole the show for all those Snick fans.

Kenan and Kel reunite at the 2022 Emmys

During one of the bits between award presentations, Kenan Thompson went to the bar, where he introduced the night's honorary bartender — Kumail Nanjiani. The two comedians went back and forth, with Nanjiana admitting he had no idea how to make drinks. Jason Sudeikis arrived asking for several mojitos and took some money out of Nanjiani's tip jar. It was a fun skit, but the real laughter came when Kel Mitchell appeared out of nowhere for an "All That" cast reunion.

Thompson walked over to a man with his head down at the bar, asking him if he needed a drink. It was Mitchell, who, instead of looking for a cocktail, asked for a good burger. The two besties embraced with a massive hug and started jumping around, making their signature "oh" grunts. Thompson also mentioned a sequel under his breath, so there's something to look forward to as well. It was an incredible moment for "Good Burger" and "All That" fans, and it is especially great to see child stars still young and thriving all these decades later.