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Avatar Producer Jon Landau Teases The Future Of The Movies Past Avatar 5

The D23 Expo was chock full of exciting revelations and certainly hinted at some amazing projects on the horizon for fans to enjoy. Even "Avatar: The Way of the Water" was on display, and certain individuals involved may have hinted that fans could be seeing a lot more of Pandora than they initially were led to believe.

The first "Avatar" film, directed by James Cameron, outdid all expectations. Besides receiving plenty of critical acclaim (via Rotten Tomatoes), the film had massive success at the box office (via Box Office Mojo). And on top of that, the motion picture won several Academy Awards. It did so well that four sequels were ordered, starting with "Avatar: The Way of the Water" (via Deadline). Several of the main cast members from the first film are back, including frequent Cameron collaborator Sigourney Weaver. The motion picture has been in development for some time, but despite the wait, fans shouldn't sleep on Cameron, considering he has proven his excellence at the sequel game with "Terminator 2" and "Aliens." Those success stories have arguably led both franchises to spawn several more titles and last longer than anyone could have originally imagined.

It's difficult for most franchises to get past the first film, let alone get to the fifth chapter. But the folks behind "Avatar" feel very confident they can accomplish that ambitious goal and more.

Pandora has plenty of potential for franchise expansion

"Avatar: The Way of the Water" producer Jon Landau confirmed with Variety (via Twitter) at D23 Expo that they are planning to go all the way to "Avatar 5" and hinted that they could go even further. "You know, Pandora we always look at as a metaphor for our world and you can tell an unlimited number of stories in our world, you can tell an unlimited number of stories on Pandora." There is undoubtedly a lot of potential for expansion within the "Avatar" franchise, and the immersive world of Pandora has a lot to offer fans in terms of story. There is even enough to possibly venture into shared universe territory, similar to the MCU. 

If the franchise does go past a fifth film, would James Cameron still be in the mix? He previously mentioned that he might not be able to direct every sequel he signed on for, so it is unknown what his involvement would look like if the franchise continued past "Avatar 5" (via Deadline). He would probably be a good candidate to be the Kevin Feige of the Pandora Cinematic Universe if things go that route.

Audiences undoubtedly have high expectations for the anticipated follow-up, and the fact that the trailer for "Avatar: The Way of the Water" got so much hype showcases an obvious demand for more adventures from Pandora. Luckily for fans, the possibilities regarding the Na'vi homeworld are apparently endless.