Brittany Roston

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Columbus, OH
University Of Akron
3D, Software, Gaming
  • Brittany was raised in a household full of computers and used that exposure early in life to start a career in tech writing.
  • Always eager to write code, she constructed her first program in Visual Basic in the '90s. A decade later, she created a banana boxing game during the peak of Flash gaming popularity in the mid-aughts.
  • She is so passionate about 3D modeling and design that she has used Blender and Cinema4D to create 3D models of consumer gadgets.


Brittany began writing about consumer technology during college, penning articles, features, and reviews for a number of private clients and publications, including Laptop Logic. She joined SlashGear in 2012 and DPReview in 2014, working as a news and features writer at both before transitioning to a senior editor role at SlashGear in 2016. Brittany has written more than 20,000 articles, features, op-eds, and reviews for SlashGear on diverse topics ranging from the latest scientific findings to consumer gadgets, enterprise software, and big tech business matters.


Brittany has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Akron and a Business English Specialization from Arizona State University.
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