Bill Bria

Los Angeles, CA
Fairfield University
Movies, Music, TV
  • Bill is a news desk writer for /Film.
  • He has previously written longform critical analysis for entertainment websites such as Polygon, Crooked Marquee, and Daily Grindhouse, among others.
  • His areas of focus include news reporting, film festival coverage, movie reviews, film historian commentary, deep dives into both filmmakers and film franchises, and humor features.


Bill has been writing longform essays on cinema on a regular basis for nearly a decade. Having come from the world of performance as a SAG-AFTRA member, he has honed his unique perspective on the past and present of filmmaking into one that attempts to encapsulate the totality of the medium. With bylines at /Film, Polygon, Crooked Marquee, Vague Visages, Bloody Disgusting, Daily Grindhouse, and The Quietus, Bill has established himself as an insightful and well-researched historian of cinema, and is adding daily news desk pieces to his continuous rotation to keep readers informed on the latest happenings in film as well as its history.


After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in the Visual and Performing Arts (with a focus on both Theatre and Film), Bill wrote several theatrical plays and co-wrote two feature screenplays and a pilot teleplay. Beginning in 2015, he wrote for an independent film website before advancing to professional freelance contributions the following year, and has never stopped since. He swears by the resource of physical media, which continually provides primary source information on films and filmmaking.
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