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The Unexpected Crimes The Cast Of Good Girls Committed In Real Life

On the crime dramedy "Good Girls," Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks), Ruby Hill (Retta), and Annie Marks (Mae Whitman) get away with so much for so long because nobody suspects them to be criminals based on their appearance, demeanor, and behavior. This is the whole reason Rio (Manny Montana) agrees to give Beth and her friends such a big role in his business — because, since they are so "basic," he believes law enforcement would never suspect them of gang activity. Indeed, even when the F.B.I. comes sniffing around the Boland family, they end up arresting Beth's husband, Dean (Matthew Lillard), not Beth, for various crimes. The fact that these unlikely characters become so deeply involved in a serious crime ring is an engine for humor on the show. The juxtaposition of Beth preparing animal-shaped sandwiches for her children's lunch boxes in one scene, then knitting a face mask to commit an armed robbery in the next is humorous because it is so unexpected.

The cast of "Good Girls" certainly does a great job acting innocent, which is why the characters make it so far down the crime rabbit hole on the series. However, most fans still probably see the cast of "Good Girls" as actors who play criminals on TV, not as people who commit crimes in real life. Is the cast of "Good Girls" really good, or have they had viewers fooled all along? The fact that wine is the hilarious way the stars of "Good Girls" bonded before the show's debut suggests that it could go either way.

The Good Girls cast admits to humorous minor crimes

In an interview with TV Insider, the stars of "Good Girls" shared the biggest crimes they have committed in real life. Most of the stars gave answers that were strangely consistent with their characters on the show.

Mae Whitman was the first to respond, saying, "heart-breaking," and laughing.  

It turns out Retta technically did rob a grocery store, just like Ruby, Beth, and Annie do on "Good Girls." However, what she took was much less serious than what they take on the show. Retta said, "I mean, I stole a crossword puzzle when I was ten from the grocery store." 

Christina Hendricks added, "I stole some sunglasses in high school." Whitman was still hesitant to admit to any real crimes. She interjected, "I've done, like, protesting, I guess," and Hendricks snapped back, "She's just trying to make herself sound better." Finally, Whitman said, "And drugs! Whoo!" then danced and laughed again. "Okay? So you can keep your crossword-stealing." 

In an interview with King 5 News, Matthew Lillard admitted that his repeated crime is "I will spit my gum out, and I will do it anywhere." Reno Wilson, who plays Stan Hill, the "Good Girls" character that fans agree is a national treasure, did not admit to any crimes at all and scoffed at Lillard about the gum. 

Lastly, Manny Montana, who plays Rio, probably the biggest criminal of all the main characters on "Good Girls," said he has never committed a crime in real life. However, "Mentally, yes, I'm always committing crimes. Whenever I'm in a bank, I'm like, 'how am I gonna rob this bank?'"