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The Good Girls Character That Fans Agree Is A National Treasure

Unfortunately for fans, "Good Girls" didn't wrap up with the satisfying ending that Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks), Ruby Hill (Retta), and Annie Marks (Mae Whitman) deserved. However, thanks to streaming services, fans can relive the wild ride that took three suburban housewives down a path of violence, crime, and unimaginable danger in rewatches to come. 

NBC canceled the series after its fourth season, even though there were plenty of questions left unanswered. Did Beth really become the next crime boss, or did she run away with Dean (Matthew Lillard) to start a new life? Did Ruby support Beth or chose to protect her family by distancing herself from her friends? Does Annie ever find true love? We may never really know, but it's fun to ponder. 

Looking back at the story of "Good Girls," there is one character that rises above the rest as a stand-out, someone who didn't have a selfish bone in their body. Fans from the show online seem to agree that there is one truly underrated star of the series. 

Good Girls fans love Stan the most

Fans took to the "Good Girls" subreddit page to shout to Ruby's lovable husband Stan (Reno Wilson). The original poster u/cactuslegs shared a photo of Stan and wrote that he is "Saint Stanley," adding, "I wish Ruby would cut her way free of all this business and hold on tight to Stan. Because he is the dream." 

Stan is the kind of guy who puts being a father in front of everything. He's willing to risk his safety to help his family and has an uncanny ability to forgive. He didn't up and leave Ruby once he found out about her lies, which isn't something most of the characters on the show can say. 

The Reddit post was flooded with comments from people who agreed. U/ThinDimension wasted no time declaring that Stan is a "NATIONAL TREASURE" on the series. Some fans were skeptical about his character at first but were quickly won over when they saw how quick he was to support his wife. "To first have the stresses of a child with life threatening health issues and then to be overwhelmed by the financial burdens.....now to be faced with losing the love of his life because of the sophie's choice that had to be made....? He's golden," u/ej91108m wrote. Even though we don't know how Stan's story ends on "Good Girls," most fans agree that they hope he found happiness.