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The Shocking Way Attack On Titan's Bryce Papenbrook Prepared To Record Titan Screams

"Attack on Titan" has become remarkably popular over the course of its four seasons. The series has even found itself among the most popular shows around the globe during its Final Season (via Anime Galaxy), an achievement that few anime are able to accomplish, especially in a time when there have never been more shows to watch and different places to watch them.

The series follows the members of the Survey Corps on a distant island that is also home to massive, human-devouring giants called titans. As the Survey Corps fights back against the gigantic humanoids and tries to get to the root of where they come from, they make shocking discoveries about their own history along the way. However, partĀ of the reason why "Attack on Titan" is able to stay so grounded and believable even with this fantastical premise is due to the excellent voice work of the performers responsible for both the dubbed and subtitled versions of the show.

Papenbrook bruised himself and unhinged his jaw for Eren

Bryce Papenbrook is one such actor behind the scenes of "Attack on Titan." Papenbrook provides the English voice for central protagonist Eren Jaeger in the series, and it turns out that the performer has gone to some pretty extreme lengths to capture the intensity and emotional turmoil of the character (via Rolling Stone). Apparently, the iconic titan screams aren't saved up for reuse either but done freshly for each recording.

"There is no banking of sound files," Papenbrook explained. "There is only screaming as loudly whenever is needed. Going in I knew the intensity and I knew what I was getting myself into," he went on. "You know there's moments where Eren bites his hand in Season 1, I bit my hand so hard that I left bruises." Fans will recall that when Eren is still learning how to transform into his titan form in the 1st season, he sometimes bites his hand repeatedly to try to draw blood and provoke a transformation. Still, that's certainly an extreme length to go to capture the pain Eren is going through during those scenes. Amazingly, Papenbrook has gone even further for the role.

"In Season 2 Eren's very unhinged so I literally unhinged my jaw to let that pain and suffering and insanity come through because it's what this show deserves," he said. Even in a time when we regularly hear about the lengths that actors go to in order to get there for a performance, this is particularly extreme. Either way, if it's worth it for Papenbrook, then "Attack on Titan" fans can't argue with the results.