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One Of Johnny Knoxville's First Jackass Stunts Is Still The Most Painful Thing He's Ever Endured

Longtime fans of MTV's "Jackass" and its successive film franchise will know that grisly injuries are an inevitability for the iconic stunt group. For every "Jackass" bit that leaves you breathless from laughter, there's one that will make you want to vomit due to some grotesque injury that a cast member sustained performing said stunt.

Indeed, over the years, it seems as though these horrific injuries have become even more pronounced in the comedy troupe's later years, such as in 2022's "Jackass Forever," which saw "Jackass" icon Johnny Knoxville suffering a broken rib, a concussion, and a brain hemorrhage after an unlucky encounter with a bull. Another gruesome moment from this particular film is the "Cup Test" skit with "Danger" Ehren McGhehey, which ended with Danger Ehren rupturing one of his testicles.

Although the rash of serious injuries present in "Jackass Forever" might make some fans think that time is starting to catch up with the reckless stunt group, Johnny Knoxville himself says that one of his most painful stunts ever actually came quite early in his career.

Johnny Knoxville says that getting pepper-sprayed is one of the most painful moments of his entire career

During an interview with Vanity Fair (in which the stuntman and actor discussed several injuries of his career at great length), Johnny Knoxville explained that getting pepper-sprayed for 1998's "Big Brother: Number Two" remains one of the most painful moments of his entire career.

"Pepper spray is still one of the most painful things I've ever endured in my life," Knoxville admitted. "Pepper spray is a continuous hell for 15 to 20 minutes. It's like someone lit a fire in your eye and tried to put it out with gasoline ... Pepper spray you can do from like 15 feet, and they are worthless for at least 20 minutes." Considering some of the more visceral and gory injuries that Knoxville has suffered over the years, it may surprise fans to hear him cringe at something as relatively commonplace as pepper spray.

The stunt in question saw Knoxville testing several different types of self-defense equipment on himself, and he makes it abundantly clear that pepper spray is by far the most painful thing he endured throughout that skit — as well as one of the most painful moments of his entire career. When Johnny Knoxville himself ranks pepper spray that high, you know it's not to be trifled with.