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Who Is Ursula Stolf From Storage Wars Canada?

Like many of the most memorable reality shows, "Storage Wars" revolves around a niche profession about which most viewers likely have little-to-no knowledge prior to tuning in. In short, virtually all of the central cast members on "Storage Wars" are buyers in auctions for the contents of storage lockers. In California, storage facilities can auction off their lockers after three months of unpaid rent. So, "Storage Wars" takes place in California, where some entrepreneurially-minded individuals attempt to make a living buying and selling the contents of these neglected storage lockers.

Also like numerous successful reality series before it, "Storage Wars" spawned a few different location-based spinoffs. Among those was "Storage Wars Canada," titled "Storage Wars: Northern Treasures" when it aired in the US. Unfortunately for their respective fanbases, just as "Storage Wars" went off the air for some time, so too did virtually all of its spinoff shows. "Storage Wars Canada" specifically lasted for two seasons that originally aired on Canadian TV between 2013 and 2015.

Viewers unfamiliar with "Storage Wars Canada" due to its short run or limited availability, or even fans of the show interested in diving deeper into its lore, may be interested in learning more about Ursula Stolf, who was one of the buyers featured throughout its run.

Ursula Stolf is a genuine multi-hyphenate

Ursula Stolf describes herself in her Instagram bio as an actress first and foremost, gesturing toward her "Storage Wars Canada" stardom. She also includes an emoji of a teacher, referring to her real-life work as a high school teacher.

Stolf's LinkedIn profile, which details her teaching job, also mentions that she owns and operates Ursula's Locker Loot. This is, of course, the store where she sells goods purchased from storage locker auctions — a profession that has led Stolf to finding some gross items from time to time. While it's unclear whether or not her LinkedIn account is up-to-date, the shop's Facebook page suggests that Ursula's Locker Foot was active as recently as March of 2022, indicating that, at the very least, Stolf remained in the storage locker buying game well after the conclusion of "Storage Wars Canada."

Her acting career, meanwhile, is limited to her time on "Storage Wars Canada" and an appearance in a miniseries titled "Fiix Software," which seems to be related to an actual software company. That said, she maintains semi-active YouTube and Cameo accounts, the latter of which seems oriented primarily toward her "Storage Wars" fans.

As a public figure, then, Stolf seems to still be largely tethered to her "Storage Wars" role. On an individual level, however, Stolf's career also encompasses teaching and managing a retail business, suggesting her public persona may be just a single facet of her complex professional life.