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The Welcome To Wrexham Star You Likely Forgot Portrayed Himself On Family Guy

Rob McElhenney is best known for creating FXX's comedy series, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," and, believe it or not, a nightmare inspired the show, but Rob also portrays the gang's karate-loving compadre, Mac. McElhenney loves watching sports, but admits he isn't athletic enough to participate in athletics during the docuseries titled "Welcome to Wrexham." The Hulu program follows McElhenney's pursuit to purchase the Wales soccer squad and the Wrexham team's attempt to return to prominence.

The "Sunny" star's proclivity for following his hometown teams like the Phillies and the Philadelphia Eagles plays a part in Rob's desire to buy a soccer team, and the squad is in desperate need of new leadership. McElhenney admits in the Season 1 episode "Dream" that the city of Wrexham reminds him of Philadelphia, and this plays a part in his wanting to buy the soccer team.

Rob knows the money he makes from television isn't enough to bid for the team, much less run the franchise, and that's when McElhenney realizes he needs major moolah to make the move. "I realized that I need something more than TV money," McElhenney says in the docuseries. "I needed movie-star money. More than that, I need superhero, movie-star money."

McElhenney partners with Reynolds to purchase Wrexham

Ryan Reynolds corresponds with McElhenney via social media, and that's where they meet and become friends, but the actors don't see each other in real life until they begin shooting the documentary. The business partners bid for the team, and they become the new owners of the soccer squad. Only time will tell if the investment pays off for the actors and the city of Wrexham.

The Wrexham community reveres their soccer team like New York worships the Yankees and San Francisco lives and dies with the exploits of the Golden State Warriors. Both men are accomplished thespians, but running the Wrexham Association Football Club will be a challenge neither has ever faced, and the weight of Wales is literally on their shoulders.

Reynolds' experience as an actor far outweighs his resume as a businessman, but he does have interests in Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin, according to Fortune. Reynolds is best known by superhero enthusiasts as the chimichanga-eating antihero Deadpool, but his credits are extensive and diverse. However, do you remember the time the movie star visited Spooner Street? Fans are more likely to know about the Ryan Reynolds flop getting revamped, but, nevertheless, he appeared on "Family Guy."

Reynolds portrays himself in Season 10 of Family Guy

Reynolds stays in Quahog while he shoots a project on location, and that's where he meets Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane) and his wife Lois (Alex Borstein) quite by chance. Ryan drives past the Quahog Medical Building in his convertible, but Reynolds can't ignore Lois more, and the actor can't be more interested in Peter.

An unexpected bromance blooms between Ryan and Peter, but it seems to Lois that the movie star might harbor amorous affections for her husband. The hilarity reaches its high point when the Griffin patriarch joins Reynolds at the La Marrakech restaurant.

Ryan urges Peter to taste the lamb tagine, and Reynolds takes a bite before sharing and putting the food in Griffin's mouth! Despite the awkwardness, the bromance continues until Ryan suggests they break into his dentist's office to do some nitro. When Peter explains that he doesn't like Ryan romantically, Reynolds calls off the friendship.