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The Hardest Modern Family Seasons For Sarah Hyland To Watch

Ask just about any parent about what it's like to have kids, and most likely, you're going to get the response, "It all goes by so fast!" That's how the 250 episodes of "Modern Family" felt to fans as they followed the lives of these hilariously relatable characters for 11 seasons. 

What made "Modern Family" so special, besides the brilliant writing, was the consistent spot-on performances by the cast, who took viewers on the same emotional roller coaster that real-life family members would. One of these talented performers is Sarah Hyland, who portrayed Haley Marshall for the entirety of the show's run. Hyland, who came into this series with an already impressive credit list for her age, perfected her character's complicated balance between a snotty, "whatever" teenage daughter and the occasional voice of reason.

Although working on a long-running hit sitcom was surely an incredible experience, it evidently wasn't always the easiest ride for Hyland to enjoy. According to Today, she was born with a condition called kidney dysplasia, which is when the kidneys do not fully develop in the womb. Growing up with such a severe condition while also consistently filming one of the most successful television shows on the planet is a tremendous, albeit difficult, feat that proves Hyland's immense resiliency.

Sarah Hyland still can't watch these seasons

Due to Sarah Hyland's kidney dysplasia, she had to endure two kidney transplants during her impressive run on "Modern Family." Of course, having to deal with this ailment throughout the show's 11-year run meant she was bound to experience some ups and downs. Hyland tells Glamour that she can recall specific seasons in which she found it very hard to watch.

According to Hyland, she found it most difficult to watch seasons four and five. She explains, "I was recovering from my kidney transplant and I didn't know how to treat my body while on prednisone [medication]." She goes on to admit that it was difficult to see how her appearance had changed, especially given her role as a young actress in the spotlight. "I was bloated, my hair was falling out, and I hated the way I looked," she admitted in the Glamour interview.

Now, Hyland is moving forward with her career since "Modern Family" ended its long run. Along with other productions, she is slated to be part of the new "Pitch Perfect" television series, which is meant to start airing at the end of 2022. And although Hyland has plenty of fantastic "Modern Family" episodes to look back on, she hopes to be able to revisit those tough seasons in the future. She says, "I hope one day I can watch those episodes and be empowered by the fact that I got through some really tough times."