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The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Once Had A Peculiar Interaction With A Fan

Based on a graphic novel series of the same name, "The Walking Dead" begins by introducing viewers to Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes as he wakes up in an abandoned hospital. Realizing that he's alone and that something is very wrong, viewers are then thrust into a world suffering from a recent disaster. A zombie virus (although, the show goes out of its way to never use the term "zombie") spread so rapidly that it plunged humanity into an apocalypse in the few weeks that Rick was in a coma after being shot.

Rick goes through a long and complicated character arc that takes him through phases of being a strong leader to someone who withdraws out of fear of his infamous Ricktatorship. His character changed quite a bit throughout his journey, but Lincoln always managed to make it a believable and understandable transition, even when Rick was at his worst. Bringing such finesse to any character is difficult, so he more than earned the love of fans everywhere.

The series became known for its brutality and played off of the idea that no one is safe in this apocalypse. Similarly, many different heroes emerge throughout the run of the series. For many fans, though, Rick Grimes is the center of the show, and that goes a long way to explaining the extreme devotion one particular fan demonstrated to Lincoln himself.

How one fan proved their dedication to Andrew Lincoln

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Lincoln discussed a Q&A he participated in where a fan stood up and proclaimed that her mother was his biggest fan. This is a common occurrence for celebrities, as it has become somewhat expected for fans to make such bold claims. Amused, Lincoln replied, "Really? Prove it." Initially, it was only meant to be a bit of light banter, but the young woman's mother actually did stand up and move to the stage.

Once on stage, she rolled up her pant leg to show off a tattoo of Andrew Lincoln's face. Lincoln was so impressed that he actually did declare the woman his official biggest fan. When prompted to sign the tattoo, Lincoln obliged. How could he say no to his biggest fan, after all?

During the brief interview, Lincoln also mentioned that after he autographed her leg, she went to have the signature tattooed over to make it a permanent part of her Lincoln ink. That's some serious dedication to a celebrity, but after the raging success of "The Walking Dead" and Lincoln's monumental role in it, the love and support shouldn't come as a surprise.