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Bill Nye Reflects On The Bill Nye The Science Guy Theme Song - Exclusive

Ask any '90s kid about their favorite parts of their middle school science classes, and you'll probably receive a similar answer. It wasn't taking tests, measuring substances, or even conducting experiments. In fact, unless you're talking to Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) of "Young Sheldon," the average student's ideal day in science class may not have actually included much hands-on learning at all. But the entire mood of a classroom could change the second a teacher plugged in a VHS or DVD of "Bill Nye the Science Guy."

Armed with a zeal for scientific knowledge, Bill Nye's self-titled program quickly became a favorite of children everywhere when it premiered on PBS in 1993 and has proven itself to be an enduring hit in the decades since. Evidently, the program was also quite popular among a great many adult viewers when it premiered. Throughout its six seasons on the air, "Bill Nye the Science Guy" won a total of 19 Daytime Emmy Awards. Although some of the excitement around the series had to do with a genuine love of learning, one piece of the series often stands out to many viewers as particularly notable: It has a killer theme song.

Before Nye could explain Newton's first, second, or third law, the series had to make sure viewers knew exactly what they were watching. There was no clearer way to express this than with a theme song that screamed "Bill Nye the Science Guy" a whole 28 times. So what did the man himself think of the theme song the first time he heard it? In an exclusive interview with Looper, Nye shared details about some of his thoughts on his classic show's legendary theme song. He also confirmed that his newest show will also have a noteworthy tune of its own.

Nye knew the song would be a hit

For most people familiar with the opening theme of "Bill Nye the Science Guy," all it takes is hearing the celebrity scientist's name for the infinitely catchy tune to stick in your head. During an interview to promote "The End Is Nye" at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Bill Nye looked back on the origins of the famous theme song and duly awarded credit where credit is due. "It's a great song," he said. "Mike Greene is a producer in LA. He did a great job with it." 

Although Nye reported that he had good confidence that the theme would prove catchy to viewers at the time, he also admitted some initial hesitation toward one particular aspect of the show's opening segment. "At first, I was nervous with the lip syncing," he said, "but the guys and gal I work with — my producers, Jim [McKenna] and Erren [Gottlieb] — go, 'No, it's genius.'" Nearly 30 years after its debut, people are still asking Nye questions about it, and he still seems eager to praise the ingenuity involved in its creation. "The song is really good on that show," Nye said. 

Of course, fans of the theme song to Nye's most famous show might understandably wonder if "The End Is Nye" will have a theme song of its own. Although Nye wasn't quite as ready to belt out the new song as kids in your middle school science class might have been with his former show, he confirmed that the new series has a sound unique unto itself. "Oh, yeah," Nye replied when asked about the new song. "You'll hear it [when the show comes out]."

All six episodes of "The End Is Nye" are available for streaming on Peacock.