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The Stunning Amount Of Prep That Director Jessica M. Thompson Went Through For The Invitation

You're officially invited to your next nightmare, "The Invitation," which will be released exclusively in movie theaters on August 26. The new horror film is directed by Jessica M. Thompson and stars Nathalie Emmanuel, Thomas Doherty, Stephanie Corneliussen, Alana Boden, Courtney Taylor, Hugh Skinner, and Sean Pertwee. Thompson is also known for "The Light of the Moon" as well as "The End." Blair Butler is the writer of the film.

The story follows Evie after the death of her mother. With no other known relatives, she takes a DNA test, only to discover a long-lost cousin she never knew about. Invited by her newfound family to a wedding, she goes from being seduced by the sexy aristocrat host to being thrown into a total nightmare of survival as twisted unknown secrets in her family's history and the intentions behind their strange generosity are actually revealed.

There are a ton of moving parts at play with such a twisted premise, so what sort of prep went into directing "The Invitation?"

Jessica M. Thompson buffed up on her vampire knowledge

When asked if she looked at other "Dracula" movies before making "The Invitation" and whether or not she has a favorite, Thompson told The Wrap in an interview that she watched every single vampire film made during pre-production. That's some heavy commitment. The director was also quick to note that she, of course, made it a point to avoid copying them because she wanted a wholly original tale of horror to delight audiences with. 

She continued to say, "There's always going to be some overlap. Like for instance, Tony Scott's 'The Hunger' uses a lot of that blue moon lighting. And we do that as well. But really my favorite vampire film of all time is actually probably 'Cronos' by Guillermo del Toro, his first film. I think it's a classic that's often overlooked. It has a lot of heart, which is what I love in a horror film." The Wrap mentions "Crimson Peak" as another potential influence, and Thompson is quick to point out how much she loves the fact del Toro infuses his movie monsters with empathy. It makes for far more compelling creatures of the night, which audiences should be able to enjoy in "The Invitation."

You can also read Looper's exclusive interview with Thompson for even more details about this exciting new era for the vampire genre.