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12 Other Survival Horror Movies That Beast Fans Should Watch Next

One of the fastest growing sub-genres of horror is undoubtedly the survival horror sub-genre that pits man versus beasts. Generally, survival horror films see their human protagonists in a deadly fight for survival against the harsh elements of the environment they're stuck in as well as an animal predator looking to tear them limb from limb. Over the years, audiences have seen some of biggest stars fight for their lives against alligators, wolves, spiders, and even piranhas on the big screen and some of these killer animals have gone to lead some of the biggest cult horror franchises. 

Back in 2019, horror legend Alexandre Aja, director of "High Tension" and the 2007 remake of "The Hills Have Eyes," brought new life to the subgenre with "Crawl." Aja's excellent direction, the film's tense premise of a woman trying to survive against alligators during a vicious hurricane, and a great lead performance from Kaya Scodelario made "Crawl" a refreshing slice of survival horror. Recently, Idris Elba and director Baltasar Kormakur teamed up for "Beast," which saw Elba play a father trying to protect his daughters against a vengeful lion in the South African Savanna. "Beast" was easily one of the biggest movies to end the summer, and fans of it should know that there are plenty more survival horror movies out there to check out.


As mentioned before, director Alexandre Aja delivered an awesome and refreshing survival horror flick with "Crawl." The film follows talented swimmer Haley (Kaya Scodelario) as she heads back to her childhood home to save her father (Barry Pepper) from an impending hurricane. However, she ends up being trapped in the basement after the house starts to flood and finds herself pitted in a fight for survival against alligators. With "Crawl," Aja finds the perfect balance between legitimately thrilling terror and fun goofy horror that fans of this subgenre love.

Aja crafts plenty of tense sequences of underwater suspense that constantly build up the tension and deliver effective frights as well as some surprisingly bloody encounters. As the storm progresses and the alligators cause more issues for Haley, the film perfectly leans into the wildness of its building climax and provides plenty of memorable moments. Plus, Scodelario totally commands the screen with her excellent performance and Aja perfectly navigates the tight space to instill some good claustrophobia. "Crawl" must be the next watch for those that loved "Beast" as it brings all the intensity and wild ferocity into a flooded battle of survival between a girl and some alligators.

Lake Placid

Easily one of the most classic survival horror movies of all-time, "Lake Placid" is a total must-watch for any lover of this sub-genre. The 1999 film takes viewers into a fictionalized version of Black Lake, Maine, where a group of people try to stop a gigantic saltwater crocodile that's terrorizing their community. With a good mix of classic campy horror and a terrifying 30-foot crocodile antagonist, "Lake Placid" is one of the most notable survival horror movies out there. While "Lake Placid" might not have been well received upon its release, it has grown into a cult favorite with quite a notable legacy.

Not only does "Lake Placid" have five sequels that followed, but it even had a legendary crossover with the "Anaconda" franchise in 2015 with "Lake Placid vs. Anaconda." Also, looking back at the original, it boasts quite a star-studded cast including the likes of Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, and Brendan Gleeson. Plus, it's directed by Steve Miner who's been a part of legendary horror franchises like "Friday the 13th" and "Halloween." "Lake Placid" is a classic man versus beast scenario full of fun horror trappings and some memorable kills making it a must-watch for any horror fan, especially those that loved "Beast."

The Grey

Thanks to the "Taken" films, Liam Neeson has become one of the prolific action stars of modern film. However, real fans of Neeson know that one of his best films is undoubtedly "The Grey," or as most people remember it, the one where Neeson fights wolves. Directed by action veteran Joe Carnahan, the film sees Neeson play Ottway, one of the men stranded in the Alaskan tundra after their plane crashes and they are forced to fend for his life against packs of vicious wolves. The frigid atmosphere of "The Grey" instantly instills chills and puts you on edge as the group fights for their lives.

Neeson delivers one of his most beloved performances to date as it's so intense it's scary and the ferocity he brings sees him more rabid than ever. Whenever fans think of Neeson's most iconic performances, his work in "The Grey" is generally regarded as some of his best. Plus, all his encounters with the wolves delivers the kind of tense and bloody carnage fans are always on the hunt for. If you're looking for a fierce and frigid survival horror flick that sees Neeson at his best, then "The Grey" needs to be on your watchlist.


One of the most notable Stephen King adaptations of all-time, "Cujo" pits a frightened mother and son against a snarling and savage Saint Bernard. After being infected with rabies by a rabid rabbit, a dog named Cujo becomes a nightmarish terror for mom Donna (Dee Wallace) and her son Tad (Daniel Hugh-Kelly) as he corners them in their car. While Saint Bernard dogs can be generally seen as gentle giants (even onscreen, as in the "Beethoven" kids' film series), Cujo's infection slowly turns him into a monstrous beast.

When the film finally leans out of its family drama and dives deep into the horrifying cat and mouse game of survival that ensues between Cujo and Donna, it's survival horror at its finest. The suspense and terror constantly ramp up as Cujo becomes more of a snarling disgusting beast, and you'll always look at Saint Bernard dogs differently after seeing "Cujo." Those looking for a survival horror film from the mind of Stephen King that features some nail-biting horror and one of the most notorious killer animals in the genre should definitely check out "Cujo" ASAP.


A horror classic of the early '90s, Frank Marshall's "Arachnophobia" plays into any arachnophobe's worst fears. The film follows the residents of a small California town as they become infested by an aggressive and deadly species of spiders. Even if you don't have arachnophobia, this film will surely get under your skin with its large array of creepy crawlies that terrorize and swarm people throughout the film, but if you are an arachnophobe, prepare to be terrified.

"Arachnophobia" constantly instills chills with its spiders, big and small, and delivers plenty of nerve-shredding suspense and shocking scares. Plus, it offers some light comedy between all the scares and eight-legged frights to calm the tension. The film also features a strong cast lead by Jeff Daniels and John Goodman and showcases some good direction from Marshall in his directorial debut. There's even an "Arachnophobia" remake in the works with Marshall and James Wan attached as producers and "Happy Death Day" director Christopher Landon currently slated to helm the film. So, before a new "Arachnophobia" delivers some new creepy crawlies for the big screen, horror fans, especially those that love survival horror rides, should check out the classic original.


Steven Spielberg's "Jaws" has had a major impact in the film industry, pop culture, and horror genre being one the biggest summer blockbusters of all time. It's also one of the most beloved horror films of all time as it pits an unlikely group of people together to hunt after a shark that's terrorizing the beach community of Amity Island. "Jaws" truly contains the trifecta of excellent suspense building with Spielberg's direction, Verna Fields' editing, and John Williams' iconic score coming together to be the reason that sharks are considered scary.

The second Williams' music kicks in you feel your heart start to pound faster and Spielberg not only creates human characters that keep you engaged and invested, but also a shark antagonist whose presence can be felt throughout the entire film. It all builds to a final confrontation full of iconic moments that truly defines what a deadly survival horror encounter truly is. The film's impact and legacy make it a must-watch on its own, but those wanting to see a slow-burning and deadly fight between man and sharks should especially seek out "Jaws."

Jurassic Park

Another Steven Spielberg classic that's left a monumental impact on the world is "Jurassic Park," which sees people try to fight and survive against some prehistoric beasts. The film takes viewers into a seemingly perfect theme park that resurrects dinosaurs as the latest attraction that eventually becomes a nightmare for island's human visitors as they become the perfect prey when the dinosaurs escape.

Sure, "Jurassic Park" delivers some incredibly quotable lines, tons of great thrills, and a peak Jeff Goldblum performance that's endlessly entertaining, but it's the survival thrills that have kept fans coming back and have made the original a classic. From a tense encounter with a T-Rex to a thrilling hide and seek sequence with raptors, "Jurassic Park" provides plenty moments that fans of "Beast" would love. "Jurassic Park" might have developed into a box-office smashing franchise, but no one forgets the survival horror roots of the original that made it an enjoyably tense thrill ride.


"Anaconda" is most likely the first film that came to mind when thinking about notable survival horror movies since it's an undeniable cult classic. The film follows a documentary group that becomes trapped in a fight for their lives as they're picked off by a terrifying giant anaconda. Although it got crummy reviews on its release, it was and remains a huge hit with audiences, and it's no surprise because it's the total package of entertaining horror.

It features a star-studded cast with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, and John Voight who all perfectly fit the film's over-the-top feel, especially Voight as hunter Paul Serone. The film's titular anaconda is an incredibly enjoyable terror racking up some wild kills and driving some great suspense. "Anaconda" has become a huge cult favorite of the genre sparking its own franchise, which has a total of five films with an "Anaconda" reboot in the works, and even had a crossover with "Lake Placid" in 2015. "Anaconda" is survival horror at its finest, delivering a fun blend of goofy horror and solid thrills that come from its central snake antagonist making it a perfect next watch for "Beast" fans.

Frozen (2010)

First and foremost, this is not some sadistic horror version of Disney's "Frozen." Although, that would be awesome. Instead, "Frozen" strands three skiers on a ski life during some cold and frigid weather to fight against the harsh elements as well as a pack of wolves looking for a meal. The film features a classic stranded premise full of slow-building tension and dread while also delivering some nail-biting thrills surrounding the impending doom that haunts the helpless captives below in the form of fearsome wolves.

If the elemental horrors aren't intriguing enough for viewers, the "Frozen" wolves definitely ramp up the terror with the brutal bloodshed they cause and their vicious demeanor. They certainly make the film's central battle for survival bloodier and add a terrifying element to the group's survival. Plus, they get some kills that are completely gut-wrenching and are legitimately more horrifying at times than the cold itself. "Frozen" isn't exactly a well-known or well-regarded survival horror film, but it does boast some elements fans of the sub-genre will appreciate.

Snakes on a Plane

"Snakes on a Plane" is a modern horror classic that features some of Samuel L. Jackson's most notable lines and sees him tangle with some poisonous snakes. The film sees Jackson play FBI agent Neville Flynn as he escorts a witness on a plane that becomes infested with poisonous snakes set to assassinate Flynn's witness. If you're looking for a Jackson performance that hits all the right notes of what people love about the actor's most entertaining roles than "Snakes on a Plane" has exactly what you're looking for and more. From memorable curse-filled rants that are easily quotable to his distinctively loveable screen presence and personality, "Snakes on a Plane" is the exact way that audiences want to see with Jackson.

Even better is that "Snakes on a Plane" delivers some high-altitude terror that's a ton of fun and sees its sinister snakes get some insane kills. They're gut-wrenching, gruesome, and gory kills that make these snakes no joke to go against and even though most of the characters are just caricatures, they deliver the right kind of B-movie fun that makes them fending off snakes incredibly fun to watch. When it comes to survival horror movies, "Snakes on a Plane" might be one of the wildest as it takes one of Hollywood's most beloved actors and puts him in the middle of a gloriously fun and bloody snake frenzy.

The Birds

Easily the oldest film on this list, Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" is a classic survival horror film that sees a small town become the target of a sinister flock of birds. Generally considered to be one of Hitchcock's weirdest horror/thrillers, the film takes viewers into a seaside California town where people are suffering from unexplained and violent attacks from flocks of birds. While its visual effects are simply an eye sore of the time, "The Birds" still holds up as a terrifying thriller that pits people against a deadly group of birds.

With a master of suspense like Hitchcock behind "The Birds," it's able to find the right blend of goofy ridiculousness and legitimately chilling horror. The startling and vicious nature of the bird attacks never get lost in some of the shoddy effects of the time and Hitchcock is always able to build up the tense screen presence of the birds. Plus, watching the residents try to survive attacks leaves you on the edge of your seat and "The Birds" is one of those classic Hitchcock films that simply shouldn't be missed, especially if you're in the mood for some survival thrills.

Piranha 3D

While Joe Dante's "Piranha" is just as fitting to be on this list, Alexandre Aja's loose remake from 2010, "Piranha 3D," gets the nod simply because it's just so much fun and completely bonkers. The film takes viewers into Lake Victoria where prehistoric piranhas become unearthed by a tremor and go on a reign of bloody terror during Spring Break. "Piranha 3D" has literally everything that fans could want in a survival horror flick that pays homage to B-movie horror.

There are insanely gory kills that are jaw-droppingly bloody and brutal at times. Some creative survival tactics that range from using a boat motor to chop up piranhas to boarding a jet-ski with a shotgun to take them out one by one make for some incredibly fun sequences. Best of all is that "Piranha 3D" is a great homage the original's B-movie style and evolves it for modern audiences. With both "Crawl" and "Piranha 3D," Aja shows that he's a survival horror master as he crafts fun, bloody, and thrilling horror flicks that fans of the genre can easily flock to. More importantly, he shows why piranhas are truly terrors of the deep.

The Shallows

Perhaps only outdone by "Jaws," "The Shallows" is a tense modern survival horror movie that sees Blake Lively fend off against a ravenous shark. The film sees Lively play a surfer who becomes stranded on a small island 200 feet from the shore and is forced into a cat and mouse game of survival with a great white shark that sees her as its next meal. "The Shallows" brings viewers into a 90 minute thrill ride of suspenseful survival as it constantly forces Lively's character Nancy to survive brutal attacks from the shark and try to find ways for her to reach safety.

It's a film full of tense yet incredibly fun sequences that evoke quintessential survival horror. Each of Nancy's attempts to save herself puts her in greater danger and the film rarely holds back in delivering some harsh brutality, even with a PG-13 rating. Lively is also at her best in the film driving all the intensity and emotion with one of her strongest performances to date. Perhaps "The Shallows" is sort of stuck in "Jaws'" shadow, but that makes it even more of a hidden gem watch that survival horror fans will adore.