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The Attack On Titan Star Who Screams Their Own Name In Titan Form

As anime continues to explode in popularity around the globe, "Attack on Titan" has emerged from the pack as one of the biggest hits in the medium (via Anime Galaxy Official). The series imagines a world where the food chain has been shaken to its roots, and humanity must face the reality of being simple livestock for the massive giants who roam in untold numbers beyond the walled cities of Paradis.

The series grows and changes in scope with each passing episode, revealing new truths about the origins of the titans and where they come from. Soon, it becomes apparent that some titans are really humans who can change back and forth between their regular and gigantic alter-egos. With these changes comes a sudden flash of light and a blood-curdling roar. However, it would seem that there are little easter eggs hidden even in these ominous screams, as some members of the English voice cast revealed in an interview.

Reiner's English voice actor sometimes screams his name

Three of the English voice actors for "Attack on Titan" sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss some behind-the-scenes details of the series, and they revealed a cavalcade of information about the anime in the process. Among the juiciest bits, though, was that Rob McCollum, who voices Reiner in the show, screams his name occasionally when he transforms. Trina Nishimura, who voices fan-favorite Mikasa in "Attack on Titan," egged Jean voice actor Mike McFarland to reveal the secret during the interview. Though McFarland tries to be as vague as possible to avoid spoiling the Reiner plot twist for anyone who is still lagging behind in the series, it's evident that this is who he's talking about when he makes the reveal.

"There's enough effects on the voice where by the time it hits mix; it's just *roar,*' McFarland explained. "But if there's any words being said, you're not going to be able to tell. Well, the word 'Rob' is close enough to the word 'Roar' that sometimes this person named Rob goes 'Rob!'" McFarland concluded. While the attention to detail in "Attack on Titan" is already impressive, knowing that there are secrets like these hidden in even the most innocuous elements of the show is enough to make you want to go back for yet another rewatch. Regardless, look for more titan screams and shocking revelations when the series comes to a close with The Final Arc in 2023.