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The Vintage Prop Lauren German Stole From Lucifer's Set

In her portrayal of the highly professional, straight-arrow detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) in the urban fantasy series "Lucifer," her by-the-book character is unlikely to ever stoop to stealing. On the other hand, Decker does team up with the Devil (Tom Ellis), but she does so for the best of motives: to fight crime.

And while Detective Decker may be too honest to be sticky-fingered, it turns out German herself isn't quite a paragon. The fact is, it's a long-standing entertainment industry tradition that when a film or series concludes, actors and crew members will often take a prop, or possibly several props, from the set as a memento of their time. It's no secret that items used in major movies or high-profile TV shows can often fetch serious sums, like the x-wing spacecraft miniature from "Star Wars: A New Hope" that sold at auction for $2.3 million (via Nerdist). It's safe to say that the prop-snatching committed by most entertainment industry workers is generally done for purely emotional or sentimental reasons. So, with this in mind, what's the old-school prop from the set of "Lucifer" that German grabbed on her way out the door?

Lauren German ended up with a hefty keepsake from Lucifer

When it comes to upholding the venerable show business practice of prop-pilfering, Lauren German (who left "Chicago Fire" in 2015) is apparently willing to do her bit. As noted in this Entertainment Tonight interview with the actress and several of her "Lucifer" co-stars, German reveals, "I got a vintage lighter. It was really cool. A big, big 1920s, '30s lighter. It's like the size of a shoebox."

Of course, not everybody gets to keep what they want from a show, as the devilish Tom Ellis sadly recounted in an interview with IMDb's On the Scene, mournful that he didn't get to keep Lucifer's car. But one actor in particular admitted something interesting in the interview noted above. D.B. Woodside, who plays Amenadiel, one of God's chief angels, reveals that "I didn't steal anything from the set." The actor goes on to explain that he resists taking a prop because, "If I steal something from the set, I kind of feel like it doesn't allow me to move on." So, while not everyone needs to hang onto a prop, for German, an extra-large lighter is just the thing to spark memories of her time on the show.