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Why The Addams Family Has Always Suited Christina Ricci's Personality

Though she's had no shortage of mainstream success in her career, with her distinctive looks, raw talent, and wise-beyond-her-years persona, Christina Ricci has always been a bit of an outsider in Hollywood circles. Now well into her 40s, Ricci bucked her child star status long ago, yet remains of the more well-respected actors in the game. That's in no small part the result of Ricci putting together an adult body of work that's as artistically ambitious as it is unabashedly adventurous as those of her youth.

Indeed, many of Ricci's best-known film and television projects over the years (including her current hit "Yellowjackets") might easily be deemed "offbeat" in nature. That, of course, includes the actor's breakout role as the precocious, mildly murderous pre-teen Wednesday Addams in 1991's beloved, big screen adaptation of "The Addams Family." Ricci was just 11 years old when that film was released. And despite her ongoing success as an adult, "The Addams Family" remains a legit calling card for the actor.

That being the case, Ricci fans were over the moon when it was announced she'd be appearing in Netflix's new series "Wednesday," which will put the eldest sibling of "The Addams Family" front and center for more tales of murder, mayhem, and hilarity. And in a recent interview, she made clear she was keen to return as that twisted world still appeals to her own outsider sensibilities. 

Christina Ricci's outsider sensibilities make The Addams Family a natural fit

To her credit, Christina Ricci has generally embraced her own enduring legacy as the burgeoning goth queen Wednesday Addams throughout her career (per Bustle). The actor is, of course, not playing the title role in "Wednesday," with "Scream" breakout Jenna Ortega instead being tapped for the coveted part. Though we still don't know who Ricci is playing in the new series, the actor claimed in a recent interview with Collider she returned to the fantastical, darkly comedic world of "The Addams Family" because it genuinely resonates with her on a primal level. "And, you know, it's sort of I've always viewed myself as a kind of a natural contrarian," Ricci stated, adding, "And so being in a world where everybody's just like thrilled to be doing the wrong thing. It's just great for me, I love it."

Ricci went on to say she was also beyond thrilled to re-team with her "Sleepy Hollow" director Tim Burton on "Wednesday," who helmed several episodes of the forthcoming series. She further added it was a legit honor "to be asked to be a part of the new version of this thing that is a huge part of my identity and my history and my life." Christina Ricci will appear in "Wednesday" alongside Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Gwendoline Christie, and Riki Lindhome, among others. Though no official release date has been announced, the series will reportedly debut later this fall. And we cannot wait to see what kooky, ooky, and/or spooky high jinks that incredible cast will get into.