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Black Lightning Teaser Released

The CW released a new teaser for Black Lightning, and it aptly goes by in a flash.

Clocking in at just six seconds, it doesn't feature much in the way of revelations or new information. But it does give us a brief glimpse at Cress Williams as the titular character, and he definitely looks intense.

Although the teaser debuted with the Arrowverse crossover, the upcoming series won't be a part of the CW's superhero universe that includes Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Instead, it'll be a standalone series with the potential to cross into the Arrowverse sometime down the line.

Based on the DC character that first appeared in 1977, Black Lightning centers on Jefferson Pierce, a former masked vigilante who spent years keeping the streets safe with his power to harness and control electricity. Now the principal of a charter high school, he sees that crime and corruption are rampant again, and he's pulled back into the superhero circuit when the people he cares about become entangled with a gang called The One Hundred.

He likely won't be alone: comic book fans know Pierce's daughters Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain) eventually grow to become the heroes Thunder and Lightning. The cast also includes Jill Scott as the villainous Lady Eve, Marvin Jones III as crime boss Tobias Whale, and James Remar as Pierce's mentor Peter Gambi.

The CW unveiled a much longer trailer a few months ago, and it offers a deeper look into the show's plot and tone. The first season is set to arrive Jan. 16, 2018.