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Neil Gaiman's Tweets Are Making Sandman Fans Very Nervous

When watching an adaptation of comic and novel writer Neil Gaiman's works, there is no telling what you may find. Previous adaptations such as "Good Omens" and "American Gods" delve deep into mythology, both biblical and monotheistic. But in Netflix's recent release "The Sandman," Gaiman seems to have outdone himself. Based on the comic of the same name, "The Sandman" throws its viewers into an ethereal world that is overwhelmingly vast in scope. Like his siblings, the titular Sandman is one of the Endless — characters that are not people but rather personifications of concepts. This makes the world feel all the more fantastical and complex. Despite this complexity, the show has been a hit for Netflix.

Since its premiere, "The Sandman" has exploded as one of the most watched television series (per Forbes). For a show that has been in development since 1990, Gaiman is finally getting his due. But when looking at his Twitter, some fans may have noted that there is cause for concern.

We can't count on a Season 2 quite yet

Netflix's reputation for how it treats fan-favorite shows precedes itself. The streaming platform holds its shows to an incredibly high standard, and unless you're "Squid Game" or "Stranger Things," the fate of your series may not be set in stone. Fans have noted many Netflix original shows are canceled too soon, and once again, viewers are starting to feel the heat. The "Sandman" showrunner has ideas for a wild arc in Season 2, so some fans are wondering why it hasn't been greenlit yet. Gaiman was completely transparent about his feelings about the matter when he took to social media.

"'Sandman' is a really expensive show. And for Netflix to release the money to let us make another season we have to perform incredibly well," Gaiman posted on Twitter. "So yes, we've been the top show in the world for the last two weeks. That still may not be enough." There is certainly a precedent for Gaiman's concern. Just as recently as last year, Variety reported that "American Gods" was canceled due to low viewership. But if Gaiman has it his way, the same will not be said for the future of "The Sandman." Hopefuls on Twitter wondered if there was any chance of the series being picked up elsewhere.

Gaiman has only one concise answer for them: "Yes." High budget or not, Gaiman is determined that this is not the end for Morpheus and the story of the Endless.