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The Best Vampire Kills In Day Shift Ranked

"In the end, the devil comes for everyone," or so Audrey San Fernando (Karla Souza) says. Though in her world, the devil does discriminate, and his name is Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx). He's only got eyes for just about every vampire in the San Fernando Valley, and he's looking to cash in on making the blood-sucking dead even, well, more dead. Of course, his mission becomes all the more personal when it involves buying his way back into the good graces of his estranged wife, Jocelyn (Meagan Good), just so he can stay in close proximity to his daughter, Paige (Zion Broadnax). For all they know, the husband and father operates daily as a pool cleaner. But in reality, he's a vampire hunter.

"Day Shift" is as wild in its delivery as it is in its premise. There's plenty of spectacular gore-infused action. Vampires are slick combatants and amazing contortionists. But there's also a sizeable helping of heart and humor. In fact, the film thrives in its comedic depiction of a vampire slayer's duty. Bud is torn between the revenge-seeking vampire realtor, Audrey, and his plight to maintain a position with the union as a vampire killer in order to retain his family. All the while, he's given a pencil-pushing partner named Seth (Dave Franco) whose Poindexter temperament slightly edges out his anxiety over doing the actual grunt work of killing vamps. Regardless, there is plenty of vamp-killing to be had in "Day Shift." So grab your crucifix and strap in as we explore the most thrilling aspect of this film by ranking vampire kills from the least creative to the most flashy and over-the-top. Spoilers ahead!

17. Garlic breath

Let's be honest, we all want to see a Nazarian brothers spin-off. Mike (Steve Howey) and Diran Nazarian (Scott Adkins) leave the film just as suddenly as they entered. But the pair leaves an indelible mark on one of the most glorious action sequences in all of "Day Shift." Mike fancies himself a man's man. He talks big and, well, he lives up to his own hype.

Before the duo joins Bud and Seth in entering an entire vampire nest ripe for slaughter, Mike is munching on some garlic. Seth asks him why he is chowing down on the world's strangest pre-game snack. He replies that it makes his spit burn like acid when directed at the vampires. Amid the chaotic fight sequence, Mike tags one vampire in the family jewels with an ax against the wall. He then grabs the creature of the night and hawks a fat glob of saliva in the blood sucker's face. The poor vampire really does feel the effect. Mike finishes the vamp off by slamming his head down into the ax handle still protruding from the wall below.

16. Nunchuck stake and bladed boots

As a duo, Mike and Diran are fierce and seemingly unstoppable. While Mike melts a vamp's face off with his garlicky spit, Diran lobs a stake into another one of the assaulting creatures. The stake plunges straight into the undead creature's torso and brings the assailant down to one knee.

This is where the real kicker comes in (pun intended). Diran unsheathes blades in both of his boots. In a slick maneuver befitting of Bruce Lee, Diran does a winding spin kick with each blade slashing deep into the vamp's dome. What's even more fun is when Diran removes the stake from the dying vamp with a quick yank, the moment serves as a reveal that the stake also doubles as a brilliant set of nunchaku. With this vamp now dead, Diran can continue making quick work of the other vamps with this next-level weapon.

15. Machete clothesline

With the Nazarian brothers hard at work in the middle of the film aiding Bud and Seth in clearing out a vamp nest, the two show just how dedicated they are to their craft. Believe us, they aren't the only ones to rack up plenty of stylish kills for this ranking, but they are a spectacle to be appreciated nonetheless. With the pair scoring plenty of creativity points, we've dubbed one particular moment: the machete clothesline.

Diran plunges his blade into the mouth of a vampire holding the creature at a distance. He signals to his brother that the meat grinder is ready by quipping, "haircut time, bro." Mike picks up what Diran is putting down and thrusts his vamp into the horizontal blade being held up by Diran and his vamp victim on the other end leading to a gory decapitation. Teamwork makes the dream work.

14. Motorcycle mayhem

"Day Shift" is filled with moments both fast and slow, and most of the slower moments are still buoyed by stellar comedic punches and cheeky dialogue. However, the action always finds its way back to the front and center. Audrey, a real estate mogul and powerful vampire, has learned that Bud killed her daughter at the beginning of the film and is now ready to exact vengeance on the hapless hero.

Fulfilling a promise, Bud takes his daughter to a birthday party. When the pair leave, Bud realizes they're being pursued by vamps after receiving a threatening call from Audrey. While in his pool cleaning truck, two vamps on motorcycles give chase. The high-speed pursuit transitions to the iconic canal bed of San Fernando's Bull Creek made famous by the chase sequence in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day." Here, Bud pretends like he is going to ram one of the motorcyclists who swerves and hits a ramp that launches him into the concrete of a bridge above. The other motorcyclist is distracted by Bud and then plows into a railing. Both fiery deaths are killer additions to the ongoing vamp kill count.

13. The UV bomb

Big John Elliott, portrayed by the inimitable Snoop Dogg, is one of Bud's colleagues and friends. It's Big John who gets Bud back into the good graces of the union — well, sort of, as head honcho Ralph Seeger (Eric Lange) has ulterior motives in letting Bud back into the fold. Still, Big John always has Bud's back and comes to his aid in the final confrontation with Audrey and her army of vampires.

As Big John and Bud fight their way further underground, Big John turns to Bud to tell him to escape as he holds off the coming onslaught of vamps in the tunnels. It's a bittersweet moment as most fans likely assume Big John sacrifices himself to bring down the enemy (although we learn he is somehow still alive and well in the end). Strapped with a bomb vest that explodes with ultraviolet radiation, the vamps throughout the tunnel system are vaporized in a blaze of glory.

12. Severed arm beatdown

When Bud, Seth, and Heather (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) assault Audrey's compound, they're instantly greeted by plenty of hostile forces. Quickly, the entire infiltration devolves into a blood path. After Seth realizes that being shot with a lead bullet does not affect him, he is finally ready to get his hands dirty. Heather coaxes him to use the sleight of being shot as incendiary material for his rage. He just does that.

Seth embraces his newfound vampiric capabilities skillfully taking down enemies in a string of acrobatic attacks. However, at one point he turns the dial all the way to brute force and rips off another vamp's arm and proceeds to beat the poor sap with his own limb. It's visceral, humorous, and bloody. In fact, gaming fans out there might be uttering "fatality" under their breaths. After all, avid players of "Mortal Kombat" have seen this exact ridiculously violent finishing move enacted by a certain fighter named Quan Chi before.

11. Machete windmill

The mid-film vampire massacre is truly the gift that keeps on giving as far as vampire kills are concerned. This time, however, the award in that fight goes to the main man himself, Bud. He's proven himself to be pretty adept at combating the undead and staying alive to see another action-packed conflict. He's honed his skills through experience. As such he can handle the creatures in close-quarters combat.

While battling a vampire with a machete, he manages to get a few deep cuts in before hitting the jackpot — a swift slash to the neck. Only the blade doesn't go all the way through. Bud scores stylish points when he smacks the handle of the machete and it twirls around the vampire's neck in a circle severing the creature's melon from his shoulders. Thus, we have named this move the machete windmill. If vampire killing was a Las Vegas stage show, Bud and crew would be top-tier talent.

10. Four birds with one stroke

In one of the heaviest revelations in the film, Bud's neighbor Heather seemingly betrays their casual friendship by revealing his family to Audrey. But in all fairness, we learn that Heather is a vampire who was turned by Audrey. And, as we've seen earlier in the film, what Audrey wants Audrey gets. Heather convinces Bud that she meant no ill will toward him or his family and was compelled to share the information. She hates her maker and offers to join Bud's crusade to retrieve his family and kill Audrey.

At the start of the assault on Audrey's hideout, bullets are flying left and right. Seth takes one to the chest and loses his mind. But Heather reminds him he's a vampire that is unaffected by lead bullets. She then proceeds to charge into the fray with a Katana slashing three vamps in a row horizontally during the charge, and completing her maneuver with a vertical slash downward on a fourth vamp's head. It's a pretty wicked entrance into the heat of battle.

9. The dropkick

Once again, we're circling back to the tough-as-nails vampire slaying duo, the Nazarian brothers. Diran is highly coordinated and agile. He strikes with precision. The man makes this bloody line of work look like a cakewalk. Diran hardly breaks a sweat. For Seth's sake, it's a godsend that he's part of the hunting party.

Before Seth ever becomes a vampire, he's a worry-wart stickler for the rules and regulations of the Union. In the face of danger, he wets his pants — every time. It's like clockwork. Thrusting him into a clash with an entire vampire nest may have not been the best idea on Bud's part, as he spends most of his time trying to stay alive. Near the end of the bout, one vampire is straddling him on the floor attempting to tear him to pieces, but Diran chucks a hatchet at the vampire's chest. He then performs a spin kick with his bladed boot at the vampire's neck followed by another kick to punt the head of the vamp off of her torso. The poor vamp never stood a chance.

8. Black Cowboy and Big Bertha

Expect the unexpected. Bud has learned this well after his many years hunting vamps. Even still, he has somehow managed to pull himself out of scrappy situations time and time again. That's all thanks to his friends. When Bud leads the charge against Audrey and her army of vamps, they quickly become overwhelmed. However, a friend enters the fray to even the odds.

Ramming through the complex in a pick-up, Big John steps out of the truck like a bonified badass. Aghast, Bud remarks breathlessly but with a bit of relief, "Black Cowboy." And like a cowboy ready for battle, he brought along his best asset, Big Bertha. This hefty girl is an M134 minigun. As Big John fires, vampires are cut down like a hot knife through butter. It's possible that Big John racks up the highest kill count of the entire film in just this one sequence alone. Big Bertha is all business.

7. Buckshot mouthwash, baby

What would an action romp be without a few good one-liners? The Nazarian brothers offer a few as they slaughter countless vampires in their massacre of the nest. As the duo moves to the kitchen of the infested home, one vampire bursts through the ceiling, Diran pins the bloodsucker to the countertop with a stake before finishing off the vamps in front of him.

The winning shot comes after Diran returns to the pinned vampire on the countertop and attempts to slice it with his sword. The quick reflexes of the vamp, however, enable her to catch the blade between her two feet. Enter Mike Nazarian. With his gun barrel pointed right at the vampire's dome, he utters the line, "buckshot mouthwash, baby." He pulls the trigger and it sends the vamp flying off the countertop and into the pantry across the kitchen. That mouthwash has a nasty aftertaste.

6. Silver neck wire

While Audrey might be the big bad, her demise, while impressive, doesn't achieve the top spot in this ranking. Still, it must be recognized for the "gotcha" moment that it is. Bud has experienced all types of vamps and vamp encounters during his career as a hunter. Sometimes, the vampires have the element of surprise, like the many assaults that occurred in the massacre of the nest. Other times, Bud is on the hunt and able to lay traps for the undead killers.

Silver is deadly to vampires. Bud carries a trip wire that he's used on the occasion that takes advantage of a vamp's speed and aggression brilliantly. In the final moments of the film, Audrey is distracted by Bud's family and she aims to turn Paige in front of him and force her to feed on Bud's wife. This is all the time Bud needs to set up a metal wire in the columns in front of him. He then fires a round at Audrey to provoke her into his trap. Quickly she rushes to him at super speed. But in doing so, she runs through the wire which decapitates her. Works every time.

5. The armless wonder

Audrey's right-hand man Klaus (Oliver Masucci) appears to be just as merciless as she is. He's always seen by her side helping her track down the vampire hunter that killed her daughter. Eventually, he shows his combat prowess in the third act of the film. As a newly minted vamp, Seth goes toe-to-toe and, well, fang-to-fang with Klaus. Unfortunately for the vindictive young vamp, Klaus mops the floor with him.

It's only after Heather joins the fight that Seth starts to gain an advantage. Eventually, the two each grab one of Klaus' arms and pull as hard as they can like a game of tug-of-war. In a flesh-ripping sequence, Klaus loses both of his arms. Now that the vamp is disarmed (c'mon that joke wrote itself), Seth could finish Klaus off with ease. Though, watching a vampire trying to attack human prey and drink their blood with no arms would've been a tad humorous.

4. Vampire shish kabob

With vampires, guns don't always do the trick. Of course, it takes a special kind of ammo to have any real impact. Most vampiric confrontations are carried out with pointy weapons of the stabby nature (à la wooden stakes) or sharp blades to slice-and-dice vampire meat. The Nazarian brothers brought just about every kind of weapon imaginable to the vampire nest infiltration. Truly, it's amazing they loaded up so much gear in those tactical vests. Mary Poppins would be impressed.

While battling vamps through the home's kitchen, Diran tangles with two of them back-to-back between the sink and the kitchen countertop. Ever the opportunist, Diran takes his extended-stake-that-morphs-into-nunchaku and plunges it through both vampires, hence the phrase "vampire shish kabob." Then with one clean stroke, he decapitates both. There is an old adage that comes to mind: Work smarter, not harder. Diran's strategies clearly embody that proverb.

3. TV decapitation

From the get-go, Bud makes it clear that these vampire hunters commissioned by the union don't care about collateral damage. The first hunt of the film sees Bud leave behind a home in shambles after the bout. In all reality, damage to homes and possessions is pretty meaningless when going up against life-threatening creatures like vampires. In fact, any hunter is going to want to use their surroundings to their advantage to ensure they always have the upper hand. With vampires capable of speedy, aggressive attacks, one wrong move could mean death.

"Day Shift" is filled to the brim with creative vampire kills. But Bud might take home the award for displaying the most ingenuity in a vampire scuffle. During the vampire nest massacre, Bud spars with a vamp in the living room of the home. Taking advantage of his surroundings, Bud slams the massive flat screen TV on top of the vampire. The creature's head then protrudes out the back side of the TV. A bit dazed and confused, Bud puts him out of his misery by then kicking the TV summarily decapitating the vamp. Who needs TV entertainment anyway when living the wild life of a vampire hunter?

2. Old lady

Perhaps the most thrilling one-on-one brawl is Bud's attempt at assassinating the old lady vampire at the beginning of the film. Of course, this lady is revealed to be the daughter of Audrey, an all-powerful vamp. So maybe that's why this particular vampire gave Bud more trouble than the rest of his encounters in the film.

Even still, the fight is a thrilling sequence where Bud's skills are tested. The old lady is a capable fighter. And just like all the other vamps, a master contortionist. Bud shoots her point blank with buckshot. She then regenerates quickly before assaulting the hunter and throwing him through a wall. Then the scuffle turns into a topsy-turvy wrestling match before Bud breaks wood off of furniture and attempts to stake her heart. Unfortunately, he misses, so the fight continues. He breaks the old lady's back and rams her into the wall before throwing her to the floor, shooting her multiple times, staking her heart, and ramming his machete down on her neck. Welcome to the wacky world of "Day Shift!"

1. Diran Nazarian's single-bullet masterpiece

We've finally arrived at the most memorable and ridiculously over-the-top kill of "Day Shift." The crowning achievement goes to the Nazarian brothers. This sibling duo works in tandem, and they even play off each other while getting their hands dirty. Often, they spout lines to one another to signal cooperative efforts. They each know instantly what the other brother needs. The Nazarian brothers work in sync like a well-oiled machine.

During the final clean-up moments of the vampire nest massacre, Mike pins a vampire to the wall while Diran realizes he's fresh out of ammo for his own target just ahead. Quickly he shouts, "Bro, send me one!" Mike uses a vampire's face to cock the slide and ejects a round into the air. Like a pro receiver, Diran jumps and flips upside down in the air while catching the round in his own gun and firing it through the skull of the vampire as the hunter hits the ground. The slow-motion really accentuates the grandeur of the maneuver and solidifies the brothers as gritty action heroes.