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The Boys Star Antony Starr Seemingly Confirms Some Awesome Season 4 News

For its first three seasons, Amazon's smash hit "The Boys" has taken viewers into a politically volatile alternate-Earth future where a cadre of wildly uncontrollable, mega-powered superheroes basically do whatever their particular power and popularity rating lets them get away with. Chief among the many exotically super-charged Supes on the series, the so-far invincible Homelander (Antony Starr) has proven himself to be capable of astonishing feats of on-camera heroism and equally mind-boggling off-camera deeds of unadulterated evil. So, like many of the other publicly adored Supes, when not putting on a show of strength or taking selfies with fans, Homelander is super bad when he wants to be. As for critical acclaim, the show's first season hadĀ Vanity Fair declaring: "'The Boys' superhero cynicism is perfect for 2020."

Mounting a long-shot resistance to the Supes throughout the series' first three seasons is a ragtag band of ostensibly normal humans led by Karl Urban's vengeance-driven Billy Butcher. Having recently tapped into a black-market version of the drug that gives the superheroes their wide variety of powers, Butcher and his crew have now somewhat leveled the playing ground but still face an uphill struggle against the Supes' corrupt reign. With fans impatiently awaiting updates about what's next for "The Boys," a recent tweet from Starr appears to confirm some very good news about the show'sĀ Season 4.

The Boys Antony Starr has something intriguing to say about the show's upcoming Season 4

Posting recently to his official Twitter feed @antonystarr, the actor behind Homelander revealed a tidbit about the show's next season that's sure to grab fans' attention. "Season one. So long ago," Starr writes, then adds, "Season four, now we begin [winking emoticon]." And accompanying the text is a shot of a Starr standing amid a lineup of half a dozen of his Supe co-stars in full costume.

So, with filming of Season 4 apparently starting, why does Butcher actor Karl Urban feel the show's first three seasons have managed to strike such a chord with viewers despite its super-powered bad behavior and well-earned reputation for shock value? As the actor told Fandom Wire, "I think, every season, every single script, you get to that juncture where you're like, in a state of shock and disbelief that we're actually, not only asked to do this but allowed to do this." Then, commenting on Season 3 specifically, Urban noted that the series' consistent crossing of the what's-acceptable-on-TV line is "...counterbalanced by the fact that the show has great heart and audiences really enjoy spending time with these characters." At any rate, if Starr's tweet is the real deal, Supe fans can rest easy knowing production on Season 4 of "The Boys" is now underway.