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Big Brother Fans Have Some Strong Feelings About Terrance's Latest Development

As fans of the series are well aware, reality competition show "Big Brother" is full of decisions and results that remain controversial among its viewer base. For instance, many fans have characterized Season 17's Steve Moses as the worst winner in "Big Brother" history — a distinction for which he even has some competition. Of course, at its best, the series showcases its houseguests coming up with clever schemes to survive a given week's events. One "Big Brother" strategy fans thought was particularly brilliant occurred in Season 14, when houseguest Dan Gheesling effectively held a pity party for himself he closed by complimenting his fellow cast members, ultimately saving himself from elimination.

"Big Brother" Season 24 debuted live in July of 2022. After the events of its sixth week of competition concluded, the series' producers introduced what could be considered the biggest plot twist by that point in the season. Essentially, both that week's first and second place game winners earned the Head of Household distinction typically reserved for a single victor. This meant that first place winner Michael Bruner and second place winner Terrance Higgins each got to choose a group of houseguests and divide the typical Head of Household's responsibility between the two of them. Terrance's second place win earning him a position of power, and the strategic importance of that win had "Big Brother" fans talking online after it first aired, to the extent that his first name trended on Twitter.

Terrance became more dangerous than the other houseguests anticipated

After Terrance Higgins became Head of Household over his half of the "Big Brother" Season 24 cast, he revealed that he's targeting Joseph Abdin for elimination, who previously saved him from being eliminated. Twitter user @bbeviction_ pointed out that, previously, Taylor Hale argued for Terrance's elimination, only to be told he wouldn't become a threat. Of course, his newfound position of power thanks to the newly-introduced plot twist retroactively proves that argument wrong. User @RawbTweets pointed out that Terrance's sudden Head of Household privileges are evidence of the fact that every houseguest is united in their goal to win the season, and that anyone can become a threat at any time.

Meanwhile, user @melbrown00 argued that Joseph and Matthew Turner should do their best to convince Terrance to eliminate Kyle Capener, who betrayed them, but seems to have earned Terrance's goodwill. In another Tweet, they wrote, "If Terrance had ANY brain cells, KYLE would be his primary target."

On Reddit, user Ok_Obligation_2368 started a thread likewise predicated on the fact that Terrance is perhaps unfairly targeting Joseph, though they characterized this quasi-betrayal as poetic.

In a video interview with GlobalTV.com published prior to the start of "Big Brother" Season 24, Terrance claimed he values fans' appreciation over a win. So, given the vocal fan investment in Terrance's latest plot development, it's still entirely possible he does what the fans want and stops targeting Joseph and shifts his focus onto Kyle.