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One Of The Worst Big Brother Winners According To Fans

Likeability isn't always a major factor among winning contestants on "Big Brother," but it's definitely a helpful quality if you want to evict all of your fellow housemates and make it to the end of the line. One doesn't have to be nice to make it to the top three, of course. If you're good at physical challenges and adept at politicking your way through the ranks through one brilliant strategy or another, you can easily make it to the final episode and land a big cash prize. But convincing others to like you as well as making them believe you're a good leader, is — like with so many things in life — definitely a helper in a game like this.

"Big Brother" fans sometimes love to hate the show's contestants. Two notorious names immediately come to mind — Dick Donato, who earned himself the nickname "Evel Dick" from the way he played the game and Jesse "Mr. Pec-tacular" Goddarz. Goddarz was so unpopular with his fellow castmates that producers unleashed him to cause his own brand of chaos via the Pandora's Box door in the Head of Household room. 

And those are just two of the many unusual folks. Just imagine what fans of the show think of its winners. Over on the "Big Brother" subreddit, fans gathered to exchange their least popular opinions about the show, which caused them to mill over the topic of the winner they like the least. This name cropped up as a popular choice.

Some fans aren't so keen on Steve Moses

"Steve [Moses] is a bottom three winner," a Reddit user declared in u/MrReditor's thread, speaking of the Season 17 victor. They also credit fate, not any particularly skillful playing on Moses' part, with his victory during Season 17. But it's his arrogance which offends this redditor's sensibilities: "The worst part is he takes credit for all of these near misses as calculated game moves," they said.

It turns out that their opinion was far more popular than they initially believed, gaining over 100 upvotes. "One thing that kind of irked me was the whole forced storyline of how Steve "became a man" on the show," agreed a deleted user. But some viewers disagreed. "I feel the Bottom 3 of Jordan (Lloyd), Rachel (Reilly), and Dick is impenetrable," said u/TraverseTown.

Indeed, though Moses did a great job with the game's physical contests he did not meet with popularity during his season. He ended up winning six competitions, and he was Head of the Household four out of three times. Yet he often ended up on the chopping block during eliminations due to his inability to make friends: he came close to eviction five times. Eventually he was responsible for the eviction of Vanessa Rousso during the finale, which lead to six members of the show's jury voting for him over the show's other finalist, Liz Nolan.

Moses was not the most popular player on his season. That honor went to James Huling, who won $45,000.00 as "America's Favorite Houseguest" for Season 17.

How popular is Steve Moses?

But how popular is Steve Moses among casual fans of "Big Brother," rather than die-hards? How does he stack up on social media, for instance? 

Per his official Twitter and Instagram, he has a pretty solid following. On Twitter, it appears that he has accrued 53.7 thousand followers at this time of writing, while on Instagram (where he doesn't appear very active), he's got almost 2,000 followers. His official Facebook has 7,000 followers. That's nothing to sneeze at, but he's nowhere close to pulling in the highest number of social media followers of the biggest reality stars out there (i.e., he's definitely no Boston Rob, of "Survivor" fame).

Which "Big Brother" housemates actually do have the highest total of followers? Frankie Grande takes the crown on Instagram with 2.1 million followers. Grande competed in Big Brother 16 and Celebrity Big Brother 18 in the UK. The only other "Big Brother" winner to draw numbers high enough to compete with Grande is Season 18 winner Nicole Franzel, who has 740 thousand followers as of press time. Grande is also tops on Twitter, where he has million followers. Will he be bested by a future contestant? Fans will have to keep watching future seasons to find out.