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Heroes Of The Arrowverse Battle Nazis In Latest Crisis On Earth-X Trailer

This post contains spoilers for The Flash through season 4.

Last time the heroes of the Arrowverse had to team up to take out a threat, they were facing horrible aliens from another world. Now, when they team up for the Crisis on Earth-X crossover event, they'll be facing a much more personal, homegrown enemy—Nazis, and Nazi versions of themselves. And there's nothing more punchable than that. 

As we saw in the previous, extended trailer, the heroes of the Arrowverse begin the crossover event united together to celebrate the wedding of The Flash's Barry Allen and Iris West. But the party goes off the rails when the church is suddenly invaded by SS soldiers from another world—a world in which, as Tom Cavanagh's H. R. reveals in this trailer, the Nazis won World War II.

As far as premises for superhero team-ups go, it doesn't get any simpler or sweeter than that. Complicating the Nazi-stomping is the presence on the enemy team of superpowered evil versions of our heroes, including Melissa Benoist's Overgirl, Stephen Amell's Dark Arrow, and Grant Gustin's Dark Flash, who for some reason used their gifts to further the cause of evil in the Nazi-ruled Earth-X. 

Also appearing in the crossover is Wentworth Miller, returning to the Arrowverse fold for one of his last go-arounds in the universe. This time he'll be appearing as another alternate version of his villainous Captain Cold—this time known as Citizen Cold, the fully-good version of his typically sinister Leonard Snart. 

All in all, it looks like this crossover event is aiming to fulfill the dreams of every nerd out there who ever thought it was cool to collide all their action figures together in an epic brawl, with Legends of Tomorrow's Brandon Routh having promised scenes in the crossover that feature as many as 20 superheroes sharing the screen at once.

The two-night crossover kicks off Monday, November 27 at 8/7c with episodes of Supergirl and Arrow, concluding the next night with episodes of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Check out the awesome world-colliding poster for the event below.