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Secret Headquarters' Owen Wilson Jokes About How Rel Schulman And Henry Joost Roasted Him On Set - Exclusive

How has it taken this long for Hollywood to cast Owen Wilson as a superhero in a badass super suit? "Secret Headquarters" directors Rel Schulman and Henry Joost have righted this slight in the new Paramount+ film, giving the "Loki" actor his chance to shine in the superhero spotlight. Far too often, actors are encouraged to partake in dangerous diets and extreme workouts to buff out for superhero roles. 

"Secret Headquarters" and its directors took a more natural approach to the superhero genre, and it's really refreshing for people to see themselves on screen in this way. Although the directors loved Wilson's acting and his look in the movie, that didn't stop the directors from lightly roasting Wilson on set — but it was all in good fun. During an exclusive interview with Looper, Owen Wilson, Rel Schulman, and Henry Joost recalled how the directors teased Wilson during "Secret Headquarters" filming. 

Owen Wilson: made for a super suit

On what draws Wilson to these larger-than-life superhero genre roles and the highlights of working on these projects, the actor said, "Well, with this one, it was getting the script. I remember some of the scenes that rang true to me — the stuff about being a kid and your first crush and fitting in with your friends — so much so that I actually read them to my two boys." 

The great thing about "Secret Headquarters" is its appeal for all generations. Wilson added about his own kids, "It was interesting seeing them get caught up in the story. I took that as a very good sign, and ... I don't know; it felt like a fresh take on the superhero genre."

Schulman praised Wilson, saying, "We've been loving Owen Wilson movies for so long. We've been saying ourselves, 'How come no one's putting this guy in a tight, form-fitting superhero suit?" Are they missing something?'" Wilson joked, "Unfortunately, you're going to get the answer." Joost responded with, "Yes," while Schulman added, "The answer turns out to be a little difficult." Wilson lightly roasted himself, noting, "The answer turns out to be less carbs."

A relatable hero

Schulman stuck up for the actor and said, "No, it ... turns out Owen's a terrific athlete, actually. A lot of the superhero moves came naturally to you." Wilson agreed, "They did." Meanwhile, Joost was pleased with the final product, noting, "The suit looks natural, too. You were born to wear that suit." Though with the praise comes some teasing. Wilson mentioned a moment on set where the duo lightly roasted him. Wilson recalled, "You guys did ask me at one point, 'Were you working on a movie called 'Cars' or 'Carbs'?' I took that as a sign to [have] maybe a little less spaghetti ... That's when I moved over to sourdough bread." Schulman joked, "Less spaghetti, you'll be ready." 

The moral of the story is that these guys are clearly very close and comfortable with each other to joke around like this. Wilson looks great in the film, and not every male lead needs to look like a 25-year-old CW actor — and that's okay and should be celebrated. We certainly need more leading actors that the general population can relate to, and it's awesome to see actors like Wilson doing that.

"Secret Headquarters" is now exclusively streaming on Paramount+.