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The Best Episode Of Futurama According To 26% Of Fans We Polled

Over its multi-network, multi-format spanning run, "Futurama" has produced a number of memorable episodes which have stuck with its fans over the years. There's "I Dated a Robot," where Fry (Billy West) falls in love with and dates a bootleg version of Lucy Liu (who voices herself in the episode). There's "Leela's Homeworld," where the titular heroine (Katey Sagal) discovers that she's not an orphan after all. 

It's impossible to forget "Where No Fan Has Gone Before," which reunited the living cast of "Star Trek" and forced the Planet Express gang to live through a never-ending science-fiction convention as they try to rescue the actors from a powerful higher being called Melllvar. And "A Flight To Remember," where a spaceship modeled after the Titanic — and captained by Zapp Brannigan (West) — runs into a similar problem with a black hole, ruining Bender's (John DiMaggio) relationship with a highfalutin countess. Whether you like a lot of emotion, nerdy science-fiction jokes, or worldbuilding, "Futurama" likely has an episode that'll make you smile.

But which episode of Futurama stands head and shoulders above the rest as the very best, according to our readers? We polled 616 members of our American audience and asked them. A fairly sizable chunk picked this notorious, heartrending episode as the best of the pack.

Fans are definitely willing to wait for Jurassic Bark

Over 26% of those who responded to our poll declared that the best "Futurama" episode is "Jurassic Bark." In this heartbreaking outing, Fry has the opportunity to clone his beloved dog, Seymour, only to incur Bender's jealousy. Fry is ultimately forced to choose between his best friend and man's best friend, leading to several emotionally devastating moments. The popularity of "Jurassic Bark" precedes it, and it remains the series' most popular episode on IMDb.

The next most popular answer for the poll, with over 18% of the vote, went to "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid," in which Fry goes on an odyssey to prevent the dumbing down of New New York's population via super intelligent brains. Fry's forced to team with Leela's beloved pet, Nibbler, and quickly learns some shocking truths. Next up is "Roswell That Ends Well," in which the gang travels back in time to Roswell, New Mexico, and Fry gets involved in an extremely messy tangle with his own grandmother. The episode pulled in over 17% of our responder's votes.

"How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back" limboed its way toward 15% of the vote, featuring Hermes Conrad's (Phil LaMarr) quest to get his bureaucratic mojo back after failing an inspection run by the devious Morgan Proctor (Nora Dunn). After that came "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings," the show's Fox Network series finale. Featuring Fry taking up the holophoner to win Leela's love, his eventual deal with the devil — and Hedonism Bot — got over 14% of the vote. Bringing up the rear is "Luck of The Fryish," in which Fry's quest to get his lucky seven-leaf clover back results in an emotional revelation. It got over 8% of the vote.