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Diego Luna Claims One Detail Sets Andor Apart From Other Star Wars Series

Marvel star Mark Ruffalo took a small dig at "Star Wars" recently, claiming that every project set in the galaxy far, far away is basically the same. But did the actor have a point? Everyone will have their own thoughts and opinions on the subject matter. That said, viewers who are looking for a refreshing take on a "Star Wars" project should brace themselves for "Andor," which Diego Luna recently bigged up as a unique beast.

"Andor" centers around the eponymous Cassian Andor, a member of the Rebel Alliance who was famously portrayed by Diego Luna in "Rogue One." Luna will reprise the role for the Disney+ series, which takes place prior to the events of the aforementioned film. The hero will be joined by several old and new characters who will also be stuck in the middle of galactic warfare, and fans can expect a few surprises. Will any of these characters we want to see on "Andor" make the cut?

With "Andor" set to drop on Disney+ on September 21, Luna has been doing the rounds to promote the project. But how will the upcoming show differ from other "Star Wars" fare?

Andor will be grounded compared to other Star Wars projects

During a recent press junket for "Andor," at which Looper was present, Diego Luna said that the writing talents of Tony Gilroy are what separates the series from other "Star Wars" projects. The actor stated that Gilroy isn't interested in simple black and white, good versus bad storytelling. He's a writer who spends time exploring the "complexities of the grey area," and those sensibilities have informed "Andor."

According to Luna, the upcoming Disney+ series will revolve around flawed, contradictory characters who must adapt to the perils of war. "[Andor] is full of that experience of being someone trying to live your life, you know? And having to make choices. This is a show about people, about real people."

The actor concluded by explaining that "Andor" is somewhat "grounded" and intimate for a "Star Wars" project. However, he also assured fans that the series will feature plenty of action and adventure whenever the situation calls for it.