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Why Jordan From They/Them Looks So Familiar

Peacock's "They/Them" is a horror movie unlike any other. The film aims to put an even more terrifying spin on the evils of the discredited conversion therapy against members of the LGBTQ+ community by combining it with a slasher film story. In the movie, a group of LGBTQ+ people is forced to go to a terrible place called Whistler Camp. While they have to endure the camp's torturous intolerant program, they are also targeted by a masked killer. It's a daring premise for a movie to attempt to explore issues of bigotry and civil liberties while also having its characters literally deal with a dangerous serial killer.

Yet where "They/Them" really shines is in the department of its cast. Besides starring Kevin Bacon as the unsettling camp counselor Owen Whistler, "They/Them" also focuses on lead character, Jordan Lewis, a non-binary transgender person who is forced to go to the camp by order of their religious family. As Jordan, played by actor Theo Germaine, deals with Whistler's program, they also begin to unravel the dark mystery surrounding Whistler Camp, including the murderer lurking in the woods. For many fans, Germaine may seem like a very familiar face. And that's because the actor has starred in a string of incredible roles in such a brief time. Wondering where you last saw them? No problem, as we've got a breakdown of where you might remember seeing Germaine.

Germaine started their career in local short films

Theo Germaine first got the acting bug as a kid when their grandparents took them to see the musical "Cats," but being from a rural town in Southern Illinois, didn't afford too many acting opportunities at first, as they related to MTV. The actor started in high school plays before managing to move onto other local projects beyond the stage. In 2015, they started their career off properly with two short films. Per IMDb, in one called "Artificial Intelligence," Germaine plays a scientist in a story heavily inspired by the hit Valve game "Portal." In their other early project, Germaine had a part in the comedic five-minute short "Latte Feelings," which centers on an overtly positive coffee shop customer.

Unbeknownst to the frequent patron, his thoughts are heard by everyone in the coffee shop. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing for others, including Germaine's barista character. The customer peppers everyone with compliments, especially Germaine's character, who is described as kind and diligent. It would take a few more years before Germaine got the chance to star in their first major film. In 2019, the actor played in the off-kilter comedy "Trinity Baby," which is about a dominatrix named Trinity who gets the ability to talk with the dead after inhaling an aerosol can. Germaine stars as Baby, the musician partner of Trinity who has to deal with Trinity's newfound supernatural ability.

Germaine became the romantic interest for Work in Progress

Theo Germaine got another opportunity to play a significant romantic interest in their next major role. However, the part was a bit more grounded than "Trinity Baby." It also requested the actor to, once again, show off those onscreen coffee-making skills. Germaine starred as the 22-year-old barista Chris in Showtime's dark comedy series, "Work In Progress." The semi-autobiographical show focuses on the 45-year-old self-identified queer character Abby, played by show creator Abby McEnany, who enters into a relationship with Chris, a transgender man. Many fans championed the series as being funny and relatable. And the show greatly emphasizes LGTBQ+ inclusivity among its characters and story.

"Work In Progress" featured some other big names such as SNL alum Julia Sweeney and "Weird Al" Yankovic as fictionalized versions of themselves, as well as "The Matrix" co-director Lilly Wachowski as a producer and on-set advisor. As Germaine recalled in an interview for Queerty, acting in "Work In Progress" caused the actor to find a careful balance with their character since the show has deep personal roots with its creator, Abby. "That made it challenging, especially since Abby is playing a character version of herself," Germaine said in the interview. "So that was a weird, interesting challenge. The show is very candid. I had to provide the line between the character and a real person and have it be to scale."

Germaine had a breakout role as a sharp campaign manager

2019 was one of the busiest years for Germaine. In between shooting "Work in Progress," the actor also worked on what could be considered their breakout role. In Netflix's "The Politician," the Oval Office is the dream goal of Payton Hobart (Ben Platt). But as the series starts, Payton has to first contend with becoming student body president. Fortunately, he's got a skilled inner circle to help him achieve his political aspirations. This includes his strategic campaign manager and advisor James Sullivan played by Germaine. While there's still no word on a possible Season 3 of the series, fans are hoping to see James return to Payton's side as they inch ever closer to that United States presidency.

Germaine told MTV that they considered the project their biggest role at the time. In addition, the part was the first one played by Germaine, where the character's gender identity isn't at the forefront or explicitly discussed within the show. Instead, the series focuses on James' actions, which the actor found refreshing. "This is the first time I got to play a part where gender wasn't such a huge factor," Germaine said to MTV. "I think I should be able to do things that talk about my gender identity, and I should be able to do things that don't talk about it."

Germaine had a recurring guest role on The 4400

In an interview for The Advocate, Theo Germaine noted that their goals in Hollywood included starring in a science fiction project. Fortunately, in 2021, Germaine got a taste of that with a recurring role on The CW's sci-fi series "The 4400." The reboot series deals with 4,400 marginalized people who mysteriously disappear, then reappear without any memory of what happened. In the show, Germaine can be seen as the character Noah Harris, a transgender teenager featured in the episodes "That LaDonna Life" and "All Things Are Possible." It's a bit brief, but the two episodes highlight the character's unique power of musical hypnotism. For instance, in "All Things Are Possible," through song, Noah causes one of the guards to start filling their pockets with snacks obsessively.

Unfortunately, we'll never find out what ultimately happens to Noah, as THe CW canceled "The 4400" after one season. However, we may get the chance to witness one of Germaine's other hopeful career pursuits. In the same Advocate interview, the actor noted that they also wanted to try their hand at writing and directing. Per IMDb, it looks like they've already had their pen moving for an upcoming project called "Steam." Germaine is credited as a writer of the short, which centers on a transgender man and non-binary person discreetly making a connection at a public pool. The project is currently in pre-production.