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Is The Rehearsal's Kor Skeete A Real Person?

At first glance, Nathan Fielder's "The Rehearsal" seems more like an imaginary scenario you'd stumble across in an Ethics course than a genuine television series – testing you on whether or not it's alright to meddle in somebody else's life for the sake of comedy. The premise is simple enough: the series follows Fielder's attempts to help real people rehearse uncomfortable life events or conversations that they have been dreading – using trained actors and elaborately constructed sets to simulate these nerve-racking scenarios.

On paper, the series certainly sounds comical enough, though things become complicated when you realize that Fielder's absurdly crafted scenarios are actually making a genuine impact on the lives of his subjects. Consider Episode 3, "Gold Digger," wherein Fielder helps a man named Patrick have a full-blown emotional breakthrough via an imagined scenario set in a "Raising Cane's" restaurant. Because of the series' inherent absurdity, it's sometimes hard to believe that these "subjects" are in fact real people, and not simply actors playing along with Fielder's wild rehearsals.

Indeed, in the very first episode Fielder helps a man named Kor Skeete rehearse a confession in which he admits to his friends that he lied about having a master's degree. The episode ends with Skeete confronting Fielder about the way he had meddled with Skeete's personal life, and this confrontation is so raw and dramatic that no doubt plenty of fans had to be wondering whether or not Kor Skeete was a real person, or a paid actor.

Kor Skeete is in fact a real person

Fortunately, fans of the series should be happy to hear that Kor Skeete is in fact a real person: a bar trivia enthusiast from New York City who (according to the Wall Street Journal) had to sign a non-disclosure agreement following his involvement in the series, and wasn't even allowed to tell his family about the show until his episode had already aired. For evidence of Skeete's alleged love for trivia (which is a major focal point of the episode) we can look to a 2018 Facebook post showing Skeete winning an Oscar-themed trivia night at a Jersey City bookstore called WORD.

Although the show makes it clear that Kor Skeete is in fact a real person being tormented by his fake master's degree, it's easy to forget that when watching Skeete play along with the absurdly comical scenarios of "The Rehearsal." Indeed, perhaps the most jarring reminder that Skeete is in fact another human being and not simply a test subject comes at the end of the episode, after he has successfully confessed to his trivia partner that he lied about his degree, and (as an added bonus) won that night's bar trivia game. Fielder reveals that, although the confession was 100% real, he actually taught Skeete all of the answers to this specific trivia night during their rehearsals, as a way to boost his confidence and help him focus on the confession.

Skeete is understandably devastated to learn that Fielder was orchestrating his life like a puppeteer, and knowing that he's a real person makes this confrontation extremely uncomfortable and sad. In any case, it's important to remember that the subjects within the "Rehearsal" are in fact real people, regardless of how absurd or ridiculous their rehearsed scenarios might get.