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The Rehearsal Episode 3 Moment That Had Fans Cackling

"Nathan for You" aired for four seasons on Comedy Central, during which series creator and lead Nathan Fielder established himself as a comedic powerhouse by portraying one of the best TV characters of the 2010s. On "Nathan for You," Fielder approaches small business owners under the guise of helping them find a solution to a particular struggle, in a manner akin to shows like "Bar Rescue." Of course, whereas "Bar Rescue" host Jon Taffer earnestly attempts to better the bars and clubs he features on his series, Fielder is entirely focused on pushing the limits of what his participants are willing to do on a TV show.

In the wake of "Nathan for You," Fielder has attached himself to a select number of projects, like "The Curse" for Showtime, which he co-wrote with Benny Safdie. On HBO, meanwhile, Fielder returned to TV hosting, at the helm of a comedic faux-reality show akin to "Nathan for You" titled "The Rehearsal." In it, he nominally attempts to help participants rehearse difficult things they plan to experience sometime in their near future. The show's appeal, though, lies predominately in its ridiculousness, encompassing both Fielder's behavior and the acts he elicits from his subjects.

After Episode 3 of "The Rehearsal" first aired, fans online praised one specific sight gag in Episode 3 as a comedic highlight of the series thus far.

Fans of The Rehearsal enjoyed Nathan's aging mirror

Episode 2 of "The Rehearsal" introduces viewers to Angela, who's rehearsing motherhood in rural Portland. To pull off this "rehearsal," host Nathan Fielder designs a system through which, each week, actors portraying the child for whom Angela is responsible will increase in age by three years. In Episode 3, Nathan casually shows off a mirror he installed in Angela's temporary home that digitally ages its reflection in order to mimic the passage of time simulated by the rapid aging of her surrogate child.

In a Reddit thread about this episode, a since-deleted account posted, "The mirrors. My god," and received more than 450 upvotes. Multiple commenters then followed up that they laughed particularly hard at the mirror reveal.

On Twitter, meanwhile, @KorikoQueen shared a photo of the mirror scene and wrote, "Nathan is seriously one of the most creative and brilliant minds on the planet." Similarly, game designer Josh Sawyer posted, "absolutely lost it at the aging mirrors in the latest episode of The Rehearsal."

Throughout "The Rehearsal," Fielder essentially flaunts the show's excesses for comedic effect. In Episode 1, for example, his team constructs a realistic replica of a New York City bar that he told Vulture likely cost more to build than the original version of the bar once did. The digital mirror, then, is one of numerous absurd details on " The Rehearsal" that becomes all the more amusing when weighing its high cost against its low utility.