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She-Hulk's Cast And Crew Quickly Learned What Every Orphan Black Fan Already Knew About Tatiana Maslany

In recent years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has welcomed more than its fair share of new heroes. Indeed, by introducing characters like America Chavez, Kate Bishop, and Shang-Chi, Phase 4 of the MCU has done a lot to build up the franchise's latest wave of superpowered do-gooders. Now, Marvel is on the verge of introducing yet another new hero to its growing multimedia franchise in "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law."

The upcoming Disney+ series will not only bring Bruce Banner AKA The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) back into the spotlight, but it will also introduce MCU viewers to his cousin, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany). In fact, the show will see Maslany's Jennifer suddenly receive the same kind of Hulk-like super powers that her cousin has long lived with, and it will follow her as she struggles to strike the right balance between the superhero, professional, and romantic sides of her life in the aftermath of her transformation.

The series' premiere is just around the corner, but the good news is that most Marvel fans should already know how to stream "She-Hulk" as soon as it drops on Disney+ this month. In anticipation of the series' highly anticipated premiere as well, the creative team behind "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" has opened up about why they chose to cast Maslany as the show's titular, green-skinned comic book hero.

Tatiana Maslany's talent speaks for itself

During a Disney and Marvel Studios press event that Looper attended, "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" director Kat Coiro and writer Jessica Gao talked briefly about why they felt like Tatiana Maslany was the perfect person to play Jennifer Walters in the MCU. "There was nobody else [for the role]. There was really no other discussion," Coiro said. "You know, from her previous work, we knew that she had a range and could embody so many elements of the human experience."

Coiro noted that portraying every side of Jennifer was a challenge that only Maslany was capable of tackling, saying, "It required a nuance of performance that really only Tatiana could give." Gao, meanwhile, said, "The other wonderful thing about Tatiana is that she has such a good instinct for characters and for the story." The "She-Hulk" writer later added, "There have been so many times where [Tatiana has] kind of pinpointed something that didn't quite feel right. ... [She] always forced us to work together to get [the show] to a better place that was more real."

Coiro and Gao's comments are exciting to hear ahead of the premiere of "She-Hulk," but they aren't all that surprising. After all, anyone who has kept up with Maslany's career over the years will already know exactly how talented and formidable she is as a performer. In "Orphan Black," Maslany deftly and compellingly played multiple different distinct versions of the same character, and outside of that series, she has also turned in memorable performances in films and TV shows like "Stronger," "Perry Mason," and "Pink Wall."

Now, thanks to "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law," Maslany is getting the chance to flex her acting muscles in the MCU for the first time. In case that wasn't exciting enough, Maslany already has some big plans for She-Hulk's MCU future, too.