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The Sasuke Fight In Naruto That Means More Than You Might Think

"Naruto" fight scenes are legendary, and a key reason for the show's long-standing popularity. The emotion that Masashi Kishimoto weaved into the midst of intense action is genuinely something to behold. The show doesn't hesitate to throw viewers into the action rapidly, either, with the first significant battle starting just seven episodes into the series. Remember Rock Lee vs. Gaara, or Obito vs. Kakashi? Not to mention the numerous rematches of Naruto vs. Sasuke? All of these are some fan-favorite fights throughout "Naruto" and "Shippuden." 

For better or worse, every fight across both Naruto series features the same repetitive structure. Regardless of the length or emotional level, the battles fall into general anime tropes, mainly ending in long, drawn-out monologues where one fighter explains precisely how they defeated their opponent. Sometimes, whenever one character believes they've won before the other proves them wrong, both fighters will take the time to monologue. Noticing how often this trope appears can diminish the quality of some battles. 

However, one specific fight found in "Shippuden" breaks that trend.

Sasuke and Itachi's haunting ending

Throughout the series, Sasuke and Itachi are on a crash course toward one another. One wants to kill the other for slaughtering their entire clan, while the other seeks to push his younger brother to even greater lengths. The brothers fight a couple of times across both shows, but it's their final encounter that breaks free from the traditional course. With their final battle nearing its end and both brothers out of chakra, Sasuke stands and watches as Itachi approaches him to deliver the final blow. Instead, Itachi simply touches Sasuke's forehead, the same action he would do to him when they were growing up. Itachi then leans in and whispers his final words to his younger brother before dying, leaving the audience stunned and wondering what was said.

Kishimoto strayed from the usual path of fight-ending monologues to leave fans with a haunting moment they'll never forget. The fact that Itachi does not reveal his final words to the audience is just the cherry on top of a perfect ending. The fight could have easily gone in the opposite direction — indeed, other relationships in "Naruto" that had this much build-up always ended in an overexplaining monologue. 

With Sasuke and Itachi's conclusion, Kishimoto decided to do the exact opposite, and instead of ending it with a bang, end it with silence. The result is not only an incredible finale for the brothers but one of the most emotional and meaningful moments in all of "Naruto."