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The Incredible Detail You Never Noticed In Sasuke And Naruto's Final Battle

There is no doubt that the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke is one of the most memorable and intense feuds in all of anime, and that in many ways, the story of their conflict is the story of "Naruto" itself. Sasuke is many things to Naruto — a friend, a foe, a teacher, and eventually, a brother — and from their earliest days at the Academy, the two seem to butt heads over anything and everything. As the boys grow up, their feud matures as well, and by the time the two reach their teens, it becomes clear that the two will end up on very different paths indeed.

The "Naruto: Shippuden" anime follows Sasuke's turn towards a path of destruction and evil, and though Naruto tries time and time again to save him, in the end, nothing will do except for the two ninjas to duke it out in one of the greatest anime battles in history. The animation is stunning, and the action-packed battle is exhilarating from start to finish. It's easily the most memorable battle of the entire series — which is why it's so surprising that a very crucial detail of the fight goes unnoticed by many viewers.

Sasuke switched places with Naruto's Gudodama

During their final showdown, there is a specific moment in which Naruto sends a massive blast of fire at Sasuke, and the latter suddenly seems to teleport directly behind Naruto, ready to strike. Reddit user u/AdOnly8584 pointed out that if you slow the scene down, you can see that what actually happens is that Sasuke switches places with Naruto's Truth-Seeking Orb, or "Gudodama."

The Gudodama are balls of black chakra, and they can only be wielded by those who have awoken the Six Paths Senjutsu, or (as in the case for Naruto) by those who have received a Gudodama from Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (via Narutopedia). Naruto is able to use these balls to create his Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken, an incredibly powerful ability with enough force to devastate a small moon.

Sasuke uses his space-time jutsu (Amenotejikara) to switch places with the Truth-Seeking Orb, and in one stroke, manages to remove one of Naruto's most powerful assets while also sneaking up behind his opponent. It's an amazing little detail that emphasizes how incredibly intricate their battle is, and it proves once again that Sasuke versus Naruto is arguably the best fight in the entire series.