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Where You've Seen The Cast Of Tales Of The Walking Dead Before

Ever since Rick Grimes first woke up from his coma, the "Walking Dead" universe has been expanding outward. Every survivor's story offers a look into a different corner of the post-Wildfire virus world, and every new "Walking Dead" spin-off series brings fresh perspective to that world as a whole. While "The Walking Dead" explores the lives of survivors in the eastern United States and "Fear the Walking Dead" revolves mainly around people from California, Mexico, and Texas, "Tales of the Walking Dead" gives fans of the gruesome TV universe a chance to find out what's going on beyond those communities.

Uniquely, "Tales of the Walking Dead" is an anthology series. This format allows it to have some fun with a wide variety of tropes, structures, and even genres. For example, Episode 5 of Season 1, "Davon," is a trippy noir piece, while Episode 2, "Blair; Gina," is a time loop tale set at the beginning of the outbreak. Telling a completely different story within each episode offers viewers a chance to meet plenty of new and interesting survivors (who aren't psychologically burdened by hours of listening to Rick's intense monologuing), not to mention the talented actors who play them. Some of these performers might even look a bit familiar. Where do you know these famous folks from? We're here to answer that question. Here's where you may have seen the cast of "Tales of the Walking Dead" before they arrived in the zombie apocalypse.

Olivia Munn as Evie

Episode 1 of "Tales of the Walking Dead," "Evie; Joe," finds an unlikely duo traveling together on a motorbike. Olivia Munn plays hippie chick Evie, while Terry Crews portrays football-loving Joe. Together, these two survivors embark upon a journey to find their friends. 

Hailing from Oklahoma, Munn got her start working in news. As she told G4, she landed a gig as a sideline reporter with Fox Sports early on in her career, where she struggled with feeling comfortable on live TV. After a couple of minor film parts, Munn snagged the role of surfer girl Mily Acuna on the teen drama "Beyond the Break." She portrayed Mily until 2007.

Over the course of the following few years, Munn hosted "Attack of the Show!" and appeared in films including "Iron Man 2," "Date Night," and "Big Stan." She also appeared on "The Daily Show" as a regular correspondent. Munn's first major role came on HBO's "The Newsroom," which hit the airwaves in 2012. Munn played Sloan Sabbith, a financially-focused news anchor for the fictional ACN network. Fans of the X-Men franchise will recognize her as Elizabeth Braddock, aka Psylocke, from 2016's "X-Men: Apocalypse." Munn's voice may also sound familiar to some viewers, especially fans of Disney's "Miles from Tomorrowland" cartoon. There, she played Captain Phoebe Liang Callisto.

Terry Crews as Joe

Terry Crews plays dog lover Joe, whose post-apocalyptic life is shattered when his best furry friend gets eaten by a walker. This life change is enough to drag him out of his bunker and onto an epic road trip, where he encounters Evie. In real life, Crews is just as interesting as his on-screen character. A Flint, Michigan native and flautist – a skill he showed off on America's Got Talent – Crews had a successful career in the NFL during the 1990s, playing for the Los Angeles Rams, the San Diego Chargers, and the Washington Redskins. All the while, he honed his skills as an artist, a talent he displayed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" 

Though Crews initially dreamed of working in special effects — seeing "Star Wars" as a kid made that much of an impression — this Renaissance man ended up in front of the camera. After a handful of tiny and uncredited parts, he landed the role of Damon in the 2002 "Friday" sequel "Friday After Next." Crews played basketball star Latrell Spencer in 2004's "White Chicks," and in 2005, he played Cheeseburger Eddy in Adam Sandler's "The Longest Yard." Crews went on to portray Chris Rock's dad Julius in the 1980s-set sitcom "Everybody Hates Chris" before playing Nick, yet another TV dad, on "Are We There Yet?" More recently, Crews starred on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" as NYPD sergeant and later lieutenant Terry Jeffords. He can also be seen hosting "America's Got Talent," where he looks for every opportunity to sneak in a little flute solo.

Parker Posey as Blair

Parker Posey appears in "Blair; Gina," Episode 2 of "Tales of the Walking Dead," as Blair, the world's most intolerable boss. Blair works alongside Circle of Trust Insurance Company receptionist Gina. Together, they find themselves unexpectedly navigating an apocalypse their insurance policies definitely do not cover. 

Posey is most recognizable for her roles in Christopher Guest's must-watch mockumentaries, including "Waiting for Guffman" and "A Mighty Wind." But that's definitely not the extent of her career — Posey has racked up an extensive filmography over the past few decades. Fans of "Dazed and Confused" may recognize her as the sadistic Darla, who has way too much fun tormenting freshmen with condiment-fueled hazing rituals. After this memorable role, she went on to appear in a huge range of indie films during the 1990s, including "The House of Yes" and "Clockwatchers." 

Posey has a particular gift for bringing cartoonish characters to comic life, which she amply displayed throughout the 2000s. She starred as Fiona, a maniacal record executive, in the 2001 cult classic "Josie and the Pussycats," and played Lex Luthor's simpering assistant Kitty Kowalski in 2006's "Superman Returns." Always a fantastic villain, Posey excelled as criminal stowaway June Harris on the Netflix series "Lost in Space." She can also be heard on the fictional podcast series "Hunted," where she played a U.S. marshal searching for a handful of fugitives.

Jillian Bell as Gina

Starring as Blair's frazzled and put-upon receptionist Gina in "Blair; Gina" is Jillian Bell, whose extensive background in comedy is a perfect fit for the unlikely pairing at the center of this "Tales of the Walking Dead" episode. After a couple of small acting roles in projects like "Preppy Hippies" and "Worst Week," Bell joined the "Saturday Night Live" writers' room in 2009. She appeared as Maureen, an inappropriately-dressed professional, on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" that same year. 

"Saturday Night Live" worked out well for Bell: In 2010, she and the show's other writers were nominated for an Emmy for outstanding writing. This upward trajectory continued swiftly. From 2011 through 2017, Bell played nerd's nerd and cat lover Jillian Belk on "Workaholics." Bell also began to add quite a bit of voice acting to her body of work, including roles on "Bob's Burgers," "Gravity Falls," "Archer," and "Green Eggs and Ham." She's earned a number of film roles as well, including Lorraine Conyers in "Goosebumps," Mercedes in "22 Jump Street," and Dr. Taylor Wood in "Bill & Ted Face the Music."

Samantha Morton as Dee

Samantha Morton stars in "Dee," Episode 3 of "Tales of the Walking Dead," as the titular mother, who eventually becomes "The Walking Dead" villain Alpha. This brutal episode centers around the relationship between pre-Alpha Dee and her daughter Lydia, then living aboard a vintage steamboat. 

Morton has been performing since she was a teen, popping up in quite a few British drama series and films throughout the 1990s. In 1999, Morton appeared alongside Sean Penn in Woody Allen's period comedy "Sweet and Lowdown." She received critical acclaim for her silent performance as the mute Hattie, with the BBC's George Perry praising her as a particularly dazzling highlight of the film. Among her many ensuing film credits are two especially recognizable ones: She played Agatha in the 2002 dystopian film "Minority Report" and Mary Stuart in 2007's "Elizabeth: The Golden Age." Morton also appeared as the villainous Mary Lou Barebone in 2016's "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." Morton's TV career is similarly impressive: Before taking the frightening role of Alpha on "The Walking Dead," Morton starred as formidable 18th-century madam Margaret Wells on the Hulu series "Harlots."

Anthony Edwards as Dr. Chauncey Everett

In "Amy; Dr. Everett," Episode 4 of "Tales of the Walking Dead," Anthony Edwards plays Dr. Chauncey Everett, a naturalist who spends the apocalypse alone until he encounters Amy. The ultimate misanthrope, Dr. Everett sees walkers as a natural apex predator in the food chain, naming them "Homo mortuus" and using his drone to study their behavior in the wild. 

Edwards has enjoyed an extensive on-screen career over the decades, for which he's won numerous awards. Things kicked off in the early 1980s when he landed small roles in productions like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." Edwards soon earned genuine fame as Gilbert Lowe in 1984's "Revenge of the Nerds." In 1986, he gained widespread notoriety for his performance as Nick "Goose" Bradshaw in "Top Gun." 

Edwards went on to play the recurring role of Mike Monroe on "Northern Exposure" before taking the lead role of Dr. Mark Greene on "ER." In 2019, Edwards played White House Chief of Staff Mars Harper on "Designated Survivor." More recently, he appeared on the crime dramas "Inventing Anna," which chronicles the downfall of fake heiress Anna Sorokin, and "WeCrashed," which recounts the drama surrounding the WeWork scandal.

Poppy Liu as Amy

Poppy Liu plays Amy in "Amy; Dr. Everett." An outgoing young person, Amy unwittingly ends up invading Dr. Everett's personal space after he saves her from accidental poisoning. In the real world, Liu is just as dynamic as the fictional Amy. After producing her own short film "Names of Women" in 2017 (which she also wrote and directed), Liu went on to take a few small parts on shows like "New Amsterdam" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." In 2019, she snagged the titular role of Mistress Yin on the web series "Mercy Mistress." That same year, Liu starred in Kal Penn's U.S. citizenship comedy "Sunnyside" as the wealthy Mei Lin. In 2020, Liu started playing Nacho's scissors-happy girlfriend Jo on "Better Call Saul." 

One of Liu's most notable roles has been bubbly blackjack dealer Kiki on "Hacks." Amusingly, as Liu revealed to Out, she's actually an inexperienced blackjack player in real life. Off-screen, the talented activist sits on the board of directors for SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective and is a professional doula.

Jessie T. Usher as Davon

Jessie T. Usher stars as Davon in — you guessed it — "Davon," Episode 5 of "Tales of the Walking Dead." In this installment, the titular man finds himself accused of a crime. The fact that he has no memory of what really happened complicates the situation immensely. 

Usher got his start as a child actor, with minor appearances on 2000s TV shows like the CBS true crime series "Without a Trace" and Disney's "Hannah Montana." He also appeared on episodes of "Numb3rs," "Criminal Minds," and "The Mentalist." From 2011 through 2013, Usher starred on the live-action Cartoon Network series "Level Up" as popular kid Lyle Hugginson, who finds himself dealing with the consequences of a portal that connects the ordinary world to that of the fictional online video game "Maldark: Conqueror of All Worlds." In 2019, Usher began starring as the ultra-fast superhero A-Train on the brutal capes-and-cowls-centric Amazon Prime series "The Boys." He can also be found on "MacGyver," where he plays smooth criminal Vincent Broulee.

In addition to his television career, Usher has starred in quite a few films over the years. One of his most notable performances is heroic Captain Dylan Hiller in the 2016 "Independence Day" sequel "Independence Day: Resurgence." He also appeared alongside Omar Epps, Danny Glover, and Mo'Nique in the holiday film "Almost Christmas," which also hit theaters in 2016. More recently, Usher appeared as Trevor in the 2022 psychological horror film "Smile."

Loan Chabanol as Nora

A French-American actor, Loan Chabanol plays survivor Nora in the "Tales of the Walking Dead" episode "Davon." Outside of her acting career, Chabanol is a gifted artist. According to French magazine La Dépêche, Chabanol had a natural aptitude for art that made itself apparent at an early age. She studied under artist Bernard Bistes, who recognized her gifts and helped introduce her to the wider world of art. Chabanol regularly showcases her art today, with exhibits like NAMSIS exploring her love of meditation and reflecting a dreamy, calm aesthetic. The multi-talented actor has also channeled her artistic gifts into children's books: "Blueboo," which hit shelves in 2019, tells the story of a blue monster who encounters the last living caterpillar of the mysterious Brown Woods.

Before becoming an actor, Chabanol added yet another skill to her resume: Modeling. As recounted by Interview, she made the cover of magazines like Marie Claire and lent her face to major beauty campaigns. In 2010, Chabanol studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. This soon paid off when she was cast in the 2013 John Turturro comedy "Fading Gigolo" alongside such talents as Sofia Vergara, Woody Allen, and Sharon Stone. That same year, she appeared in the romantic film "Third Person," and in 2015, she played the revenge-minded Anna in "The Transporter Refueled."

Julie Carmen as La Doña

Julie Carmen, who plays La Doña in "Tales of the Walking Dead" Episode 6, "La Doña," has had an active acting career since the late 1970s, when she first appeared on "Guiding Light" as Carmen Monvales. Over the years, Carmen has appeared as a guest actor on dozens of popular TV shows. In the 1980s alone, she popped up on such hits as "Cagney & Lacey," "Remington Steele," "Highway to Heaven," and "Airwolf," just to name a few. She was also a main cast member on the short-lived 1983 sitcom "Condo," where she played lovestruck law student Linda Rodriguez. She would later play Sofia Stavros, a recurring role, on late '80s soap "Falcon Crest." 

In the 1990s, Carmen's list of credits continued to expand. She landed roles on "ER," "Diagnosis Murder," "NYPD Blue," and "Touched By an Angel." More recently, Carmen appeared opposite Edward James Olmos in the 2019 film "Windows on the World," and appeared on a 2016 episode of "NCIS" entitled "Home of the Brave." When she isn't acting, Carmen is working as a licensed therapist and certified yoga teacher. She's applied these skills everywhere from Ray Gordon's Cell Block Theater to Loyola Marymount University, where she has led workshops on building and maintaining healthy family relationships.

Daniella Pineda as Idalia

Daniella Pineda appears as Idalia in "La Doña," Episode 6 of "Tales of the Walking Dead." She's instantly recognizable to many fans as Sophie Devereaux, A French Quarter witch featured on vampire fantasy series "The Originals" from 2013 through 2014. Though bloodsuckers are a long way from zombies, this role clearly displayed Pineda's knack for offbeat genre properties.

After leaving "The Originals," Pineda went on to explore a wide variety of other projects. She starred as assassin Ruby Simms on the short-lived NBC action thriller "American Odyssey," which aired in 2015. Pineda then played Vanessa Randall on the TBS sitcom "The Detour" from 2016 to 2019. In 2019, Pineda starred on the Netflix neo-noir thriller series "What/If" alongside such luminaries as Renée Zellweger and Jane Levy. After appearing on a couple of 2020 episodes of the surrealist comedy "Dream Corp LLC," Pineda starred as purple-haired bounty hunter Faye Valentine on Netflix's live-action adaptation of anime classic "Cowboy Bebop."

Lauren Glazier as Brooke

A Canadian actor from British Columbia, Lauren Glazier got her start on stage. She studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and acted in several productions at the Whitefire Theatre in Los Angeles before beginning her work in TV and film. 

Glazier landed roles in a handful of shorts and films before playing activist Anita Hoffman in the 2011 film "The Chicago 8." In 2014, she landed a small role as a journalist in David Fincher's chilling thriller "Gone Girl." This part seems to have opened doors to bigger opportunities: Glazier soon appeared as a Russian sniper in the 2018 spy flick "Red Sparrow," which stars Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton, among other major names. In 2019, she became a regular on the Netflix crime series "Mindhunter," where she played bartender (and Wendy Carr's ex) Kay Manz.