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Nearly 27% Said This Was Their Least Favorite Full House Character

"Full House," the family show that aired from 1987 to 1995, has many fans and loyalists — even some who insist to this day that the show isn't just a cheesy, feel-good sitcom. But while it may be true that the show certainly kept things light, the premise also allowed for the occasional emotional gut punch. The loss of Danny's (Bob Saget) wife is the inciting incident for the entire series; storylines addressing trauma and grief are pretty much baked in.

At its core, "Full House" is a show about three adults and three children living in a house together, dealing with a shared tragedy ... and Kimmy (Andrea Barber), who spends more time at the Tanners than her own home. Even the most devout fan of this dynamic would tell you that plenty of characters become grating after a while, though some are worse offenders than others. Joey's (Dave Coulier) humorous antics are often cringeworthy, and Jesse's (John Stamos) "fun uncle" schtick gets old pretty quickly.

In a recent poll conducted by Looper, "Full House" fans weighed on their least favorite character from the original series, and the results pretty much confirm what we suspected all along.

27% of Full House fans liked Kimmy the least

Kimmy Gibbler was not the most loved character on "Full House," with a recent poll showing that, out of 621 respondents, nearly 27% voted for her as their least favorite character. A vocal minority of viewers didn't much care for the two bachelors hanging around the Tanner pad, either. Second place went to Joey, with almost 17%, and Uncle Jesse was close behind with 16%.

Danny is the first of the nuclear Tanners to make the list, with almost 12% of respondents naming him as the least likable character. His two older daughters are appropriately tied in the next slot at 11%, and his youngest daughter, Michelle Tanner (Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen), came out largely unscathed, with only 6% of respondents picking her. 

While the majority may think Kimmy was annoying on the original show, viewers warmed up to the character when "Fuller House" began to air. Many "Full House" fans seem to feel that Kimmy was one of the few that still retained her original character on "Fuller House," and thus she became more interesting than the others. Redditor u/purpleowlchai wrote in part that, "She annoyed me in Full House but I absolutely loved her in Fuller House." 

Ironically, fans began to see the once-irritating teen as fun and hilarious in "Fuller House." Some character traits just hit different in adults.