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Some Full House Fans Have Pretty Strong Opinions About Joey's Comedy

Throughout the eight seasons of the hit sitcom "Full House," not an episode goes by without Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier) putting on some sort of comedic skit, whether it's for an audience or the Tanner family. The best friend of Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) aspires to be a successful comedian and has a rotation of go-to jokes and impersonations that he pulls out on the fly.

When he gets a round of applause on stage, Joey regularly says, "Cut it out," while making scissor hand motions. Other routines include a one-minute reenactment of the entire film "The Wizard of Oz" and banter between himself and Mr. Woodchuck, his puppet sidekick on the children's show "Ranger Joe."

As for Joey's impersonations, they run the gamut of celebrities and characters, from Pee-wee Herman to Popeye and Elmer Fudd. His most used voice is that of Bullwinkle, for whom he even uses his hands as antlers. Joey sometimes tries to instill his comedic passion in Danny's daughters, but it doesn't always go as planned. When he urges Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) to greet her new peers on the first day of school as Bullwinkle, the other kids see her as strange.

Danny, Jesse (John Stamos), and the girls may roll their eyes on occasion at Joey's jokes, but they ultimately support his dreams. However, what do "Full House" fans think of his comedic style?

Many Full House fans don't think Joey is funny

On Reddit, a post by u/nicfanz prompted a slew of comments from "Full House" fans sharing how much they dislike "Cut it out," Bullwinkle, and many of Joey's comedy bits. U/nicfanz wrote, "From his impressions to his cartoon voices to his stand up online, they were all corny and cringeworthy." In fact, this user found Danny and Jesse to be more humorous than the aspiring comedian and added, "Both were naturally funnier than Joey."

While u/DrewwwBjork found Joey's scripted comedy and impressions to be annoying, this user enjoyed the character's natural goofiness. They replied, "... some of the stuff he actually does is hilarious like dressing up as a lady, doing the 'Flight of the Bumblebee' schtick and the 'Stayin' Alive' dance ..."

Redditor u/MoodNo9037 believed "Full House" writers went too far in their attempt to make Joey the funniest character since he was aiming to be a professional comedian. Meanwhile, u/Ankylowright found that, because of Coulier's background in stand-up, the writers didn't give Joey enough real humor. Instead, he constantly cycles through rehearsed segments from his act. This user explained, "Jesse and Danny weren't comedians (on the show at least) so the writing staff had to make them funny or write them zingers ... I feel like the writers didn't know how to make a character that was a comedian funny."

Still, fans appreciated Joey as a good person. U/Ankylowright added, "He was actually one of the most sincere characters in serious moments on the show."

Much of Joey's humor was drawn from real life

It's easy to believe that the writers of "Full House" are behind Joey's cringiest comedy bits. Yet some, mainly Joey's catchphrase, "Cut it out," were inspired by true events. Dave Coulier told TODAY that he stole the iconic line from his childhood best friend Mark Cendrowski, director of "The Big Bang Theory."

"Cut it out" eventually found its way onto "Full House," as well as Coulier's knack for doing a wide range of impressions. He revealed in a comedy show that his very first job in entertainment was as a voice actor for "Scooby-Doo," which he gave the audience a taste of.

Not only did Joey's comedy draw from Coulier's actual act, but the actor also had a hand in bringing some of Joey's most over-the-top moments to life on "Full House." A prime example is when Joey gets his tongue stuck in a bottle, which in turn gets stuck in a kitchen chair, landing him in quite the predicament. This physical comedy scene came from the mind of Coulier himself. He told TODAY, "It made everybody laugh so hard in rehearsals when I came up with it that it just stuck on the show." Ultimately, if one doesn't find Joey's comedic stylings all that funny, they may want to skip Coulier's next comedy special.