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Surprise Archer Season 13 Trailer Will Make Your Day

"Archer" has taken its motley crew of spies to 1940s Los Angeles, Danger Island, and even outer space. Now it's embarking on its most exciting journey yet: Season 13. With 12 seasons under its belt, the animated comedy series is a veritable veteran in the television landscape, but it also clearly hasn't lost any of its momentum. Throughout its time on the air, the FXX series has earned itself eight Emmy nominations, the most recent of which came in 2022.

Through comas, detective investigations, and countless glasses of scotch, Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) has remained more or less a static presence on the series which bears his name, maintaining his trademark irresponsibility and bungling brand of espionage. Still, like any other series that remains on the air for an extended period of time, the show has experienced some changes. Following the 2021 death of Jessica Walter, Season 13 will mark the first season of the series without spy matriarch Malory.

With Season 13 announced in September (via Deadline), the "Archer" team appears determined to forge ahead. Now, FXX has surprised fans with the official "Archer" Season 13 trailer.

Malory Archer looms large in the Season 13 trailer

In the new trailer for Season 13 of "Archer," the void left by Malory Archer is quickly and deeply felt. For Archer, his mother's untimely death is yet another excuse to double down on his selfishness. "In mother's absence, I realized no one is the boss of me anymore," Archer says as he lounges under a palm tree. "Not helping pays the same and doesn't require trying."

The trailer also promises shake-ups for the series' entourage of spies, whose agency has been acquired by the International Intelligence Agency. "I'm looking for one of you to take the mantle of leadership," Fabian Kingsworthy (Kayvan Novak) tells the agents, setting up the season for a potential workplace battle royale. The trailer's montage of mishaps, however, doesn't inspire confidence.

With Archer and company testing the waters of new leadership, there are plenty of opportunities for hijinks and in-fighting. Of course, there's always the possibility that Archer will slip into yet another coma. "I assume ... he'll go into another coma after maybe four or five more seasons," H. Jon Benjamin told Looper in 2020. "And then they'll do three more coma seasons and just repeat the process every decade until I pass away."

"Archer" Season 13 premieres on August 24 on FXX.