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Can You Visit The Ghostbusters Firehouse In Real Life?

There are countless iconic items within the world of "Ghostbusters," many of which are instantly recognizable to fans all over the world. There are tools, phrases, and even ghosts that consistently pop up throughout the films and animated series. And when it comes to a movie as popular and well-known as this one, people will inevitably want to somehow experience the story for themselves. 

For many, that means owning a piece of the fictional world, such as movie props, costumes, or any type of collectible associated with the film. There has even been a "Ghostbusters" exhibit at the Hollywood Museum. According to SyFy, a wide array of hard-to-find, vintage "Ghostbusters" merchandise is available online, including a phone, slime, and now-inedible candy. 

But for this classic horror comedy, there is only so much nostalgia you can own. For some fans, actually stepping into the world of "Ghostbusters," even for just a little bit, will get the ectoplasmic juices flowing. And since the film was shot in New York City, our four beloved paranormal fighters found themselves in plenty of well-known locations that fans can check out in person. 

But what about taking that step into the "Ghostbusters" world a little further?  A step that brings you into the movie itself. Like, let's say, the "Ghostbusters" fire stationThis appears in the first film just as the team starts out. Needing something affordable, they decide to purchase a dilapidated, borderline-dangerous, abandoned fire station for their new business. Despite the structural concerns, high price, and the fact the neighborhood resembles a "demilitarized zone," the boys purchase this building. Hey, it has a pole! But, the question remains: Can you actually visit the "Ghostbusters" fire station? 

You can visit the Ghostbusters fire station

The "Ghostbusters" fire station became the symbolic home base that all fans can easily recognize. And believe it or not, it is actually possible to visit the station in real life! According to Road Trippers, you can check out the "Ghostbusters" fire station at 14 North Moore Street, in New York City. Originally twice as wide with two front doors, it was built in 1903 and was initially used by the Hook and Ladder Company 8, before they were absorbed by the Metropolitan Fire Department. To this day, the firehouse remains a working fire station.

AV Club explains that although the interior scenes were shot on a set in Los Angeles, the firefighters of Ladder 8 welcome all visitors inside the station and are happy to show off their collection of items and pictures that have come directly from the movie franchise. The all-too-familiar "Ghostbusters" logo rests atop the entrance and there are plenty of great photo opportunities sprinkled around the area, many of which include clever references to the legendary franchise. 

The best part for fans is that because it's an actual working fire station, this "Ghostbusters" hotspot is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, the location is so popular that it even has its own page on Trip Advisor. Reviews posted to the site are filled with stories from fans who made the trek to the firehouse. Evidently, most were pleased with their visits. In one review, a user named Phil P shared that he felt compelled to pay homage to the location, noting that the spot seemed to "cater to the visiting nerds." Similarly, another user wrote, "Well worth the trip if you're in the area or a fan of 'Ghostbusters.'"