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A Community Movie Might Be Closer Than We Think

Not many TV shows from the past couple of decades boast quite as devoted a fanbase as "Community." There are likely even fewer who so frequently rewarded their fans with richly drawn characters, wildly inventive storytelling, and more laugh-out-loud moments than you can shake a paintball gun at. And there's even fewer that featured such an insanely stacked cast of then up-and-comers, including Donald Glover, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, and Joel McHale finding their big break on the show.

Unfortunately, during its too-brief run on NBC — and its even briefer revival on the short-lived Yahoo! Screen — "Community" never rose above the ranks of cult hit. In the seven years since the show officially ended, however, that cult has continued to devoutly worship at the altar of "Community." They've been just as devout in their belief that series creator Dan Harmon would one-day deliver on the "six seasons and a movie" mantra by getting the Greendale Community College gang back together for a "Community" movie that so far hasn't happened.

Talk of that movie has resurfaced on the regular in the seven years since "Community" ended. But now, it has been rekindled — and then some — thanks to comments made by a few of the show's O.G. stars. And yes, those stars have confirmed the long-gestating "Community" movie might be happening sooner rather than later.

Community stars claim movie talks are happening right now

Not surprisingly, the always verbose Joel McHale was among the first series regulars to confirm talks are heating up over the "Community" movie, with the actor noting in a June interview with ComicBook.com that interest in the show has been reinvigorated in the streaming realm. He'd further claimed of the movie that, as of now, the likelihood of it happening had definitely increased. His long-time co-star Alison Brie backed those sentiments in a recent interview with The Wrap, stating optimistically "There's been movement. There's been some talks. People are talking and certain things — wheels are turning. I said it!"

The latest star to confirm moves are indeed being made to get the "Community" movie off the ground is Yvette Nicole Brown, who was asked about the project during a recent Collider interview. While Brown made clear she had no idea when it would head into production, the actor offered bluntly, "I believe that it's going to happen,and corroborated Brie's statement that there had been talks.

On the surface level, that's good news for fans still holding out hope for the "Community" movie. It's worth noting, however, those stars all hedged slightly on the matter, with each noting that it will be exceedingly tough to get the whole Greendale gang together, as the entire cast has gone on to bigger things since "Community" ended: McHale even compared that task to assembling an aircraft carrier. Despite the scheduling Jenga that would certainly be required, McHale made clear during a 2020 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that the entire cast, Donald Glover included, would make time for a "Community" movie if creator Dan Harmon wrote the script. So, here's hoping Harmon is finally writing the darn thing.