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The Underrated Sons Of Anarchy Character Some Fans Wish Got More Screen Time

One-percenter motorcycle club drama "Sons of Anarchy" aired for a total of seven seasons, premiering in 2008 and concluding in 2014. Although "Sons of Anarchy" is a done deal, its core concept proved popular enough to spawn a spinoff, titled "Mayans M.C.," which itself already spans four seasons and counting.

Like most popular TV dramas, the success of "Sons of Anarchy" is thanks in large part to its cast of characters. Some "Sons of Anarchy" fans might not know, for instance, that series lead Charlie Hunnam based his performance of Jax Teller on a real-life biker he met in Oakland, who died just before shooting kicked off for the show's first season. Hunnam's performance, then, is drawing from real-life tragedy over the course of his character's seven season arc.

Meanwhile, many fans agree that Jax's best friend Opie Winston (Ryan Hurst, who remains active in Hollywood to this day) is the most tragic "Sons of Anarchy" character, due to the way his involvement in the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club is responsible for the dissolution of a life with his family.

However, whereas Jax and Opie are popular among viewers, one discussion online determined that fans wish one particular character ultimately had more time in the spotlight during his"Sons of Anarchy" run.

Sons of Anarchy fans wish they could have seen more of Chucky

Well after the final episode of "Sons of Anarchy" first aired, one user started a thread on the "Sons of Anarchy" subreddit titled "Most underrated character: Chucky." In it, they wrote, "A part of me wishes Chucky had more screen time and a better goodbye than the one he got from Jax. His one liners and loyalty were straight up commendable." They then argued that the series could have delved deeper into Chucky Marstein (Michael Ornstein)'s relationship with Otto Delaney (showrunner Kurt Sutter) in prison.

In response, a number of users shared or quoted some of their favorite moments from throughout Chucky's limited time on "Sons of Anarchy." A few commenters, meanwhile, mentioned that he appears briefly in "Mayans M.C." User LordsOfJoop, for example, replied, "Seeing him again in Mayans MC was absolutely a treat for me. Knowing that he is doing well and enjoying the righteous life was a great continuation of his story."

On Twitter too, Chucky has his fair share of fans, like users @CaliCags and @indominusflex who both listed him among their favorite characters on the show.

Chucky had a larger role on Sons of Anarchy than what was initially planned

As it turns out, originally, Chucky was only ever going to appear in a single "Sons of Anarchy" episode, as Michael Ornstein revealed in an interview with Daily Actor. "I was just hired to do that one show in Season 1 and that was it. Then, basically, he gets thrown back to 'Lin' in the Chinese club and that's it," he said, discussing Chucky's first appearance.

In an interview with Collider, meanwhile, Ornstein shared some further insight into the popularity of his character. "I've met so many different people who love the show, and I'm always interested in that. I just talked to an 80-year-old woman who is a diehard fan of 'Sons of Anarchy.' There are so many different people," he said.

So, while Chucky does indeed appear to be something of a fan favorite character in spite of his limited screen time, it's thanks to both Ornstein's initial performance and the series producers' decision to bring him back that Chucky became a fixture of "Sons of Anarchy" rather than a bit part of a one-off storyline.