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A Surprising Character Might Be Returning To Better Call Saul

Lately, "Better Call Saul" fans have been caught between celebrating the incredible work done by the creative team in Season 6 and lamenting that the series is ending soon. Series creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are pulling out all the stops as we head into the final three episodes. Gilligan and Gould will write the final two chapters, with Gilligan directing Episode 12, "Waterworks," and Gould helming the series finale, "Saul Gone," which will air on August 15.

Guest appearances are also a big part of Season 6's second half, with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul set to reprise their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the amazingly titled Episode 11, "Breaking Bad." That was especially apparent in Episode 10, "Nippy," Gilligan and Gould abandoned their entire main cast except for Bob Odenkirk — as Gene, channeling the ghost of his former life as Saul — and brought in three perfectly cast ringers: Jim O'Heir from "Parks and Recreation" as security guard Frank, Pat Healy from "Station 19" as cab driver Jeff, and comedy legend Carol Burnett as Jeff's mother, Marion. 

And now, during a recent guest appearance in the Chicago Cubs broadcast booth, it seems that Odenkirk revealed that at least one of those very special guests will be returning.

Bob Odenkirk said we haven't seen the last of Carol Burnett's Marion

Last Monday, Bob Odenkirk threw out the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and stopped by the broadcast booth to talk baseball and "Better Call Saul." In a Reddit thread offering lots of speculation about a possible return for Marion, commenter Triples_Alley quoted Odenkirk as saying, "Carol Burnett joins us for the last four episodes ... well, she's in a couple — I won't spoil that — she's in the show." That quick slip of the tongue seems a clear indication that she will return in one of the final three installments.

There is definitely a potential further arc for her character. Marion gave several hints during "Nippy" that she isn't some feeble old lady scootering obliviously through her remaining years. She noticed the rut that trapped her front wheel hadn't been there when she was headed to the grocery store, and her sly comments about famous Albuquerqueans and bad crowds hint that she knows more than she is letting on. 

Some Redditors speculated that Marion could be the ex-wife of Cliff Main (Ed Begley, Jr.) or the mother of Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) or Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), a fire Odenkirk threw fuel on recently in a Vanity Fair YouTube fan theory video. "She is related to someone you've met in the show," Odenkirk said, "[but] it would take you a while to figure that out." Regardless, her character is obviously more important than her scenes in "Nippy" would indicate, and it looks like we will definitely be seeing more of Carol Burnett on "Better Call Saul."