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Westworld Season 2 Arriving In Spring 2018

Westworld is reopening for business a little sooner than anticipated, according to one of its lead actors.

Evan Rachel Wood, who plays the host Dolores in the HBO series, confirmed a ballpark return date for Westworld in response to a question on Twitter, replying to a fan wondering when the new season would be premiering with a simple, succinct "Spring 2018".

While not an exact day and date, it's still a confirmation that we'll be able to return to the park within a matter of months. It's also an earlier return date than may have been anticipated, considering both the scope of the series and a recent on-set injury that shut down production for one filming unit.

The timing is fairly good, strategically, for HBO, considering its other mega-successful series Game of Thrones isn't expected to return until late 2018, or perhaps even 2019.

It goes to show that hey, if you're ever wondering when your critically-acclaimed sci-fi robot western is coming back from its break between seasons, it never hurts to just ask.